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TOPPINGS – How Do You Misuse a Domino’s Pizza?

Here’s a link to a blog story about how the lawyers got involved in a recent pizza contest to make sure their client was protected in this crazy litigious world in which we live. Since they were talking about Domino’s pizza, The Snob wonders if actually eating it would qualify as a misuse.

Greenwich Village’s Percy Pizza – Pretty Good for Only a Buck!

Last year, I was fairly certain that my one and only experience with New York City dollar pizza at St. Mark’s 2 Bros. Pizza would be my last. However, I was intrigued enough by a recent Village Voice story heralding Percy Pizza as the best dollar slice in the City to give it a try. […]

Manhattan’s Bleecker Street Pizza – Another Page from the Classic Slice Textbook

The time for another trip back to New York City had come upon me. While my pizza planning for the week was still underdeveloped, I had long decided that Bleecker Street Pizza in Greenwich Village would be my first stop. Despite this joint’s slew of “Best Pizza in New York” and celebrity accolades, my visit […]

Crust Pizza–Sewanee, TN’s Place for Cracker-Thin Crust

The Snob recently helped arrange an adventure bringing together the worlds of hiking and pizza. When Bassman Steve suggested we get a group together for a hike in the Tennessee hills, I thought we could tag it with a visit to Sewanee’s Crust Pizza. The “Hike and Pie” event was set on Facebook and 11 […]

TOPPINGS – Brooklyn Dude Eats at Every Pizza Joint in Manhattan!

Here’s a link to an article in New York City’s  Daily News about a guy who ate a slice at all 362 local pizza joints in Manhattan. He is quite a colorful character and maintains a pizza blog called Slice Harvester where he reviewed every one of them. His favorite was Pizza Suprema near Penn […]

Johnny Brusco’s in Birmingham, AL—Is This Really a Chain?

The annual Florida Panhandle vacation was over, and the drive back to Nashville again offered the opportunity for a lunchtime pizza stop in Alabama.  This stop, however, would be in Birmingham rather than Montgomery. Based on the recommendation I received on the way down from my new friend at the great Capone’s Pizza and Subs, […]

Florida’s 30-A – Pizza on the Panhandle Update

Last summer on his annual vacation to the Florida Panhandle, the Snob set out to visit all the pizza joints on or around County Highway 30-A, the two-lane beach road stretching 10 miles from Santa Rosa Beach on the west to Rosemary Beach on the east. This update to last year’s report finds me at […]

TOPPINGS – Domino’s Drone Delivers

The Snob has discussed pizza delivery in the past but not like this! Check out this video link to see what Domino’s has been up to. Wasn’t something like this inevitable on our way to a world so automated that we will never have to leave our couches? P.S. Even if this does come to […]