Greenwich Village’s Percy Pizza – Pretty Good for Only a Buck!

Percys Pizza - RESIZE

Last year, I was fairly certain that my one and only experience with New York City dollar pizza at St. Mark’s 2 Bros. Pizza would be my last. However, I was intrigued enough by a recent Village Voice story heralding Percy Pizza as the best dollar slice in the City to give it a try. Since I just had a perfect slice at the standard-setting Bleecker Street Pizza, they would be starting with a huge disadvantage.

I headed east down Bleecker just as it started to rain until I spotted Percy’s red awning and its prominent green “$1” price tag that I recognized from the Voice story. Located on the south side of Bleecker just past Sixth Avenue, this place is a tiny shotgun hole-in-the wall that sits in the middle of the block. There were only a few small tables situated inside its open weather-adjustable façade.

Percys Pizza inside - RESIZE

As advertised, slices were only a dollar (cash-bucks only) with toppings available for another 50 cents. A whole pie sets you back a ten-spot. I walked up to the counter plunking down a Washington for a quick plain cheese slice. Asking if I wanted it hot, they honored my request and graciously threw it in the oven for a minute or so. It came out hot, but not piping hot like some other slice joints in the city.

The slice was somewhat smaller than the usual City slice and thinner than usual in terms of both cheese and crust content. From the delicious fresh taste that my first bite revealed, it was obvious to me that their cost savings came not from cheaper ingredients, but merely from using less of them.

Percys Pizza slice - RESIZE

My slice was quite tasty and worth more than its paltry price. The crust was nicely toasted although it was slightly flaky. While there was no obvious seasoning present, in no way did it taste bland like my previous dollar-slice experience. Had I not had dinner plans, I would have definitely ordered another slice which is probably what most of Percy’s customers wind up doing.

I exited pleasantly surprised and then did something I had never before done: I left a 100% tip by dropping another buck into the tip jar! It was worth it.

With Joe’s Pizza and Bleecker Street Pizza in close proximity, I doubt I will revisit Percy’s. Perhaps they will expand throughout the City to other locations where a quick dollar slice might better suit the Snob’s pizza needs.

PIZZA SNOB RATING     **** Near Perfection

Percy Pizza
190 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
[no phone]
[no website]


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