One Last Slice of New York – Joe’s Pizza

Before my recent trip to New York City, I did a little internet research about joints to visit for the launch of the Snob. Outside of wanting to seek out the original Ray’s, the one place I came across that I just had to visit was Joe’s.  Besides some glowing recommendations, how could I pass on the place that Ben Affleck and Kevin Bacon called the best pizza place in the City?

In my life before the Snob, I generally was not as focused about where I got my slices. But I did seem to recall that I had been to Joe’s in the late 70’s based on its location. (The original was actually a few doors down on the corner of Bleecker and Sixth.) In fact, I remembered it as being the place where some hip Black dude taught me all about the wonders of using pizza pepper on my slice when he saw me getting ready to eat one naked.

So I made my plan to hit Joe’s on Saturday night before a show I was seeing in Midtown. I had this great plan of driving in from Jersey, parking in the Village, grabbing a quick slice and then taking the train up and back. My plan worked and I was so glad it did as my pizza-eating experience at Joe’s was almost beyond words. It was really that good and as a result, Joe’s gets the first Five-Star Award from the Snob.

Arriving at Joe’s, I just fell in love with the place even before first bite. I liked the ways things moved quickly despite the size of the crowd, and how I got a hot, fresh slice and my quarter change about as quickly as I plunked down three dollar bills on the counter. There are only a few stools inside up against a counter on the side wall, but there are several standing-height tables both inside and out on the sidewalk. I sat down on one of the stools to just marvel at the perfection of this slice. Everything about it was simply perfect – most of all it was cooked just right and had the correct amount of cheese down to a science. The sauce and spices were simply delicious.

After eating I headed uptown and back on the train after seeing my show. I simply could not resist the temptation of getting another slice at Joe’s and did so; also realizing it was also a perfect traveling slice as I ate it on the way to my car since the Snob had another band to catch in Hoboken. (Note that when I am not the Snob, my alter ego is “Music City Mike.”) While the Snob will constantly be seeking out new places, it will be hard to pass up a slice whenever I am near Joe’s – truly the best I have ever had so far – period!

PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***** Sets the Standard

Joe’s Pizzeria
7 Carmine Street (near Bleecker St. and 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10014



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  3. Love Joe’s Pizza! My favorite pizza in NYC.

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