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UPDATE: Joe’s Pizza in Bayonne, NJ – A Look at the New Place

Original Review: 08/14/13 News About Move: 03/19/17 PIZZA SNOB RATING ***** Sets the Standard I know that this is probably old news to most, but the Pizza Snob finally got to visit the new Joe’s Pizza location in his hometown of Bayonne, NJ. Making a move from an old place that was a bit dated, […]

“The Best Slice There Is” Brightens Times Square – Joe’s Pizza in New York City

Thriving off the thrill of trying new pizza, the Pizza Snob doesn’t often make return visits to pizza joints other than for convenience. The one notable exception has always been to enlighten others about the slice that I and many others consider to be hands down the best there is—New York City’s Joe’s Pizza. Over […]

Joe’s Pizza—The Pizza Snob Finds a Perfect Slice on the Left Coast

Hard to believe that it was over 10 years since I last visited the Los Angeles area. Finally making my way back, I had a feeling that I would be able to find some good NY-style pizza there. If both the Dodgers and Giants baseball teams could make their way to California, I figured that […]

Manhattan’s Bleecker Street Pizza – Another Page from the Classic Slice Textbook

The time for another trip back to New York City had come upon me. While my pizza planning for the week was still underdeveloped, I had long decided that Bleecker Street Pizza in Greenwich Village would be my first stop. Despite this joint’s slew of “Best Pizza in New York” and celebrity accolades, my visit […]

TOPPINGS – Spider-Man Works at Joe’s Pizza

On a recent visit to see his girl in New York City, The Kid enjoyed some slices at Pizza Snob’s Five-Slice Award favorite Joe’s Pizza. He texted me to ask how in the world I missed the fact that Joe’s is the joint featured in Spider-Man 2’s famous pizza scene. To set the record straight, […]

TOPPINGS – The Daily Meal presents America’s 35 Best Pizzas Slideshow

http://www.thedailymeal.com/americas-35-best-pizzas As you will see, this selection includes a lot of what the Pizza Snob calls “fu-fu” pies, but I do give them a big thumbs up for their inclusion of New York City’s Joe’s Pizza, one of our 5-slice honorees – #6 on their list. Thanks to the fun-loving Roger the Roof Guy for […]

One Last Slice of New York – Joe’s Pizza

Before my recent trip to New York City, I did a little internet research about joints to visit for the launch of the Snob. Outside of wanting to seek out the original Ray’s, the one place I came across that I just had to visit was Joe’s.  Besides some glowing recommendations, how could I pass […]