TOPPINGS – Spider-Man Works at Joe’s Pizza

On a recent visit to see his girl in New York City, The Kid enjoyed some slices at Pizza Snob’s Five-Slice Award favorite Joe’s Pizza. He texted me to ask how in the world I missed the fact that Joe’s is the joint featured in Spider-Man 2’s famous pizza scene.

To set the record straight, Joe’s does not serve up “deep dish” pies as Spidey’s boss in the film claims were ordered. Notice that it was a regular cheese slice that the guy on the roof had in his hand.

Joe’s does deliver, but I doubt this quickly!


One comment

  1. Joe’s was founded in 1975 by Pino “Joe” Pozzuoli, an Italian immigrant originally from Naples, Italy. Joe’s Pizza is considered a classic by the slice pizza and a favorite among tourists.

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