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Numero 28—Neapolitan Pizza in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village

“Standing on the corner of Bleecker and Carmine” Now a New Yorker by way of Texas and Nashville, singer-songwriter Steve Earle kicked off a song on a recent record with the above line memorializing one of The Pizza Snob’s favorite spots in the Universe. In near proximity to this corner just off Sixth Avenue in […]

W4 Pizza in Manhattan—A Quick and Tasty Slice

Sometime last year, I had a biz meeting in Midtown Manhattan and opted for the joy of an early morning walk uptown from the Path train to the World Trade Center. While the exercise of a brisk hike is no doubt good for my health, the people-watching and sightseeing are without a doubt the best […]

Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern — Great Staten Island Pie Comes to Greenwich Village

It was a late Sunday afternoon when my brother and I were riding the train downtown back from seeing my Yankees whoop the Blue Jays. There was no question about us going for pizza, but it remained unanswered as to where. Trying to find something new that wouldn’t be too far from a train station, […]

Kesté Pizza & Vino in the Village– The Finest Neapolitan Pizza in America?

Growing up on the Jersey side in the mid-70s, my fascination with New York City was focused 100% on Greenwich Village. And since my world back then revolved 100% around music, the heart of the Village for me was Bleecker Street—home of night clubs like The Bitter End and Kenny’s Castaways and several old and […]

The Pizza Snob Visits the West Village Two Boots Pizzeria: Flavorfully Fabulous

Sometimes I forget just how much I love Two Boots Pizzeria. It’s been almost three years now since they opened one up in my home turf of Nashville. I have paid it many visits, and some of their special pies even made it to my recent “I’m now really old” birthday party. After a recent […]

Thin Crust Pizza in Greenwich Village —Cheap Slices and Beer at a Place with No Name

With apologies to the band America, at the end of a recent night in Manhattan I found myself singing “I just had a slice at the joint with no name.” It was near midnight in Manhattan, and I was looking for a new slice. On my mind was the notion that following only good pizza […]

Rossetti’s Pizza in Greenwich Village—I Agree with The Slice Harvester: “It’s Awesome”

Heading into downtown Manhattan for a night of musical mayhem, I knew of no pizza joints where I could test a new cheese slice. Fumbling around on the Google, I turned to the website of The Slice Harvester, that crazy dude who tried every place on the island that would sell him a slice. Well, […]

Manhattan’s Stromboli Pizza—Get a Great Slice on St. Mark’s Place

I couldn’t believe that I had gotten too busy to have mapped out any pizza plans for a recent trip back home. But as fate would have it, my phone rang right as I got off the plane at Newark Airport. It was my biz associate Richard from the Left Coast. Leaving the true nature […]

New York City’s Village Pizza—Yet Another Perfect Slice in Greenwich Village

Walking in Manhattan one morning, I learned two bits of local trivia: (1) Hudson Street becomes 8th Avenue just before 12th Street and (2) the neighborhood of Greenwich Village extends to 14th Street. How did I uncover this vital information? Well, by taking notice of Village Pizza while I cruised uptown. A few weeks later, […]

Fiore’s Pizza on Bleecker Street— A Shining Star of a Slice!

You sure see a lot of pizza places when you walk the streets of Manhattan. The Pizza Snob however has self-imposed limitations dealing with time and calories. I therefore try to be selective and rely upon recommendations rather than fearlessly making surprise walk-ins to unfamiliar pizza joints. In the last few years, I must have […]