New York City’s Village Pizza—Yet Another Perfect Slice in Greenwich Village

Village Pizza - outside - RESIZE

Walking in Manhattan one morning, I learned two bits of local trivia: (1) Hudson Street becomes 8th Avenue just before 12th Street and (2) the neighborhood of Greenwich Village extends to 14th Street. How did I uncover this vital information? Well, by taking notice of Village Pizza while I cruised uptown.

A few weeks later, I visited Village Pizza before seeing a show at the City Winery. After parking my car near the venue, I reprised my “much-longer-than-I-thought” walk up Hudson Street to their tiny storefront on the West side of the Avenue

Entering the small room, I moseyed through their few tables to order a plain cheese slice ($2.50, cash-only) at the counter. In front of me stood two layers of assorted slices on display under glass from which my slice was extracted from a whole plain cheese pie. Although Village Pizza has other Italian menu items, this place is about pizza.

Village Pizza - inside - RESIZE

While waiting for my slice to reheat in the pizza oven, I read some framed pages on the wall from an issue of Time Out New York magazine. In them, one of my favorite actresses, Ms. Julianne Moore, answered some Q&A in “The Hot Seat” feature. The question “What’s your favorite neighborhood slice?” was highlighted.” Location considered, it was no surprise that she gave the nod to Village Pizza.

Well, the actress who once played “Maude Lebowski” was spot-on right about Village Pizza. For if The Pizza Snob was so fortunate to live in the same neighborhood as Ms. Moore, he too would have responded the same. Village Pizza’s slice was fabulous!

Village Pizza - slice - RESIZE

My slice was put together perfectly—a solid vehicle for a Fold and Rip finale. The thin extra-crisp crust enticingly cracked ever so slightly when I folded it. It was topped with just the right amounts of cheese and tomato sauce deliciously blended together. A light seasoning of oregano added a tasty touch. There just enough oil to make it mouthwateringly flavorful. This work of art went down so quick that I yearned for another!

There was no doubt that Village Pizza serves a slice worthy of The Pizza Snob Hall of Fame. It is one that I would proudly refer to a fellow pizza snob or to someone looking to experience their first classic New York slice. Veteran or rookie, go treat yourself to one next time you are in the City!


PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***** Sets the Standard
Village Pizza
65 8th Avenue (between 13th and 14th Streets)
New York, NY  10014
[No website]


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