Nolita’s Prince St. Pizza–New York City’s Home of the “Soho Square”

Prince Street Pizza - outside - RESIZE

Sometimes a thrill-seeking mood strikes the Snob giving me the insatiable desire to try a new pizza place. When this happens, it helps to be in New York City where there are as many pizza joints as there are songwriters in Nashville. Recently the urge hit me while I was watching a show at Manhattan’s City Winery. As soon as the last note was played, I consulted my local New York City pizza gourmet Mitch who suggested I try Prince St. Pizza.

Together Mitch and I then proceeded to walk east to the area known as Nolita (“NOrth of Little ITAly”). There’s really nothing else like walking through Greenwich Village on a pleasant evening, and the late night activity in the “City That Never Sleeps” never fails to amaze me. We made our way through the human spillage exiting Little Italy to find Prince St. Pizza in a small open-air modern-looking store front on the north side of the street.

Inside were some stools for seating in front of the counter which partitioned the room from the brick-lined walls of the brick oven area in the back. The dining room walls were covered with photos of visiting Italian-American celebrities such as John Travolta, the late James Galdofini and Tony “Paulie Walnuts” Sirico.

Prince Street Pizza - inside - RESIZE

Mitch then proceeded to tell me that this place was all about their square Sicilian slice which he craved. I reluctantly resisted the temptation for the sake of this NY-slice-centric blog. Prince’s menu is pretty much all pizza, and they even sell special dipping sauces for your squares. Beer is available.

While the plain cheese slice I wound up eating was delightfully delicious and tasty, I now regret not at least tasting the scrumptious-looking square specialty of the house.

Prince Street Pizza - slice - RESIZE

My regular slice came out a little too hot, and as a result, was a tricky to eat. I fought both cheese slippage and perhaps a bit more oil than I care for. The bottom had a great char to it which made for a fine crispy crust. Overall, the Prince slice was cheesier than your typical NY-slice. But the most distinguishing feature about it was a tasty tomato sauce that was much richer and tangier than I am used to.

While the regular cheese slice at Prince Street Pizza wasn’t anything extra special, it certainly was no disappointment.  But that square slice sure looked good, and it will make me find my way back to Nolita to give it a try as soon as I get the chance.


PIZZA SNOB RATING **** Near Perfection

Prince St. Pizza
27 Prince Street (between Mott & Elizabeth streets)
New York, NY 10012
[no website]


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