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New York City’s Rubirosa Ristorante– The Best Pizza I Have Ever Had!

Yes, I realize that I am making a rather bold statement. But, I spent at least a few hours before first making this declaration on Facebook, and it’s now been a few months since I ate at Rubirosa Ristorante. There’s no changing my mind. In fact, after now visiting over 300 pizza joints across the […]

L’asso Pizza—A Great Margherita Slice in NOLITA

Anytime spent in the New York City area with Mrs. Pie means at least one dinner in Little Italy. While we never know where we are going or remember where we went, we always seem to have a satisfying dinner and a great time. We arrived in the city just before 6pm to secure some […]

Nolita’s Prince St. Pizza–New York City’s Home of the “Soho Square”

Sometimes a thrill-seeking mood strikes the Snob giving me the insatiable desire to try a new pizza place. When this happens, it helps to be in New York City where there are as many pizza joints as there are songwriters in Nashville. Recently the urge hit me while I was watching a show at Manhattan’s […]