This blog about all things pizza is the brainchild of me, Mike Bodayle from Franklin, TN, by way of Bayonne, NJ and San Antonio, TX. I am a pizza-loving, God-fearing, music-geek, insurance company financial executive whose sole purpose with this blog is to have some fun with it. Please help support this blog by “following” it here and “liking” it at Facebook where I am also “The Pizza Snob.”. Please let me know what you think and tell your friends about this space. If commenting on a blog or on Facebook isn’t your thing, you can e-mail me at thepizzasnob@comcast.net. I won’t tell. I am also on Twitter as @ThePizzaSnob1. Thanks and have a slice for me!

PS If this is your first time visiting, I suggest that you check out the blog Archives and read my debut posting, “I Am a Pizza Snob” for more background.


  1. God-fearing is good. A quick search turned up Moses Pizza, Pizza Religion, Angel’s Pzza, Jacob’s Pizza, and I’m sure the list goes on to…well, eternity. Looks like you have your work cut out for you, Snob.

  2. Mike pissonu · · Reply

    Obviously you dont know nothin about pizza bein nj and tx. Im from NY where pizza is king and nicks has the best pizza in tn fuhgeddaboudit loser pizza snob my ass

  3. I respect your opinion Mike (funny last name you have there.) Too bad you couldn’t respect mine. I wanted to like Nick’s and that’s why I gave them a second chance. I guess you’ve never been to Joey’s or Manny’s – do yourself a favor.

    1. Mike pissonu · · Reply

      i did go to both of them and i swear u had to be sick and couldnt taste the flavor that pizza that ur holdin looks like sbarro’s cardboard in the mall ask around town (i love my last name)

  4. Matt Bialer · · Reply

    I did it Snob! I made it to Di Fara in Brooklyn. You have to go! It’s the top of the food chain of pizza!

  5. JoeyLaMa · · Reply

    You should review Salvo’s Pizza in Smyrna, He was the first to offer pizza by the slice in Nashville. He USED to own Sal’s Pizza (Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin) but he sold that name out. Also, the owner of Sal’s Pizza and the owner of Angelo’s Picnic Pizza are not related. Sal himself was Angelo’s brother-in-law, but the review you wrote about Sals and Angelo’s recently actually reflects the new owners of Sal’s. Also, Angelo is deceased, at the time of your review Angelo’s son Nick owned/still owns Angelo’s. I know this because I am Angelo’s other son. And when I open a place, come review my pizza, you wont be dissapointed.

    1. Thanks Joey–it was nice to hear from you. Salvo’s is on my list and I hope to get over there soon. Let me know about your place as well.

  6. What about Prima’s Pasta and Pizza?

    1. I assume you mean the one in Ft. Worth. It’s now on my list, and I should be able to give it a try over Christmas. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Dee Scharr · · Reply

    Next time you’re back in Jersey take a trip down the shore for pizza @ Vic’s on Main Street in Bradley Beach. Best pizza around it – would definitely remind you of the pizza @ The Venice.

    1. Thanks for the tip. It’s on my list and I will get there someday for sure.

  8. Totonno’s in Brooklyn was at the top of my pizza pilgrimage last summer. Would be interested in your opinion. The place regularly makes the same top five lists with the usual suspects.

    1. It’s on my list for my next trip back home this April. Someone told me that they actually only make a limited number of pies each day. Can’t wait.

  9. PS please Photoshop the knife and fork outta your picture.

    1. LOL! Actually this was at Fellini’s in Atlanta and I gave them a hard time about it in my review.

      1. You know I eat at Jonathan’s Grille all the time and love it. I tend though to not order pizza at non-pizza places. I guess though I should give it a try sometimes. Maybe there should be a prize for the best pizza in a non-pizza joint!

  10. Claude Henry · · Reply

    Tried Jonathan’s Grille?

  11. If you’re ever in Phoenix, AZ, I’d be curious what you think about Red Devil Pizza. Growing up in Phoenix, it was always the favorite in town. Now that I’ve traveled around the US, I still think it rivals some NY pizza. The place is showing its years somewhat and every once in awhile it’s inconsistent. But when it’s good, it’s heaven!

    1. Sounds good–it’s on my list if I ever get that way again.

  12. So recently, when I finally stopped in and ordered a slice from a place I passed that resembles a house so many times but never stopped at–a random location where Freehold turns to Millstone for literally 2 seconds before becoming Jackson–I was thinking about trying as much pizza as possible and writing reviews. Obviously NJ.com didn’t get everywhere when the writer wrote his review, and I hadn’t ever heard of any of the places (not that I’ve been through TN more than once in my life to know any in Knoxville!), but yes. So I happened to grab another slice from a new place last night…disappointing one in Hightstown near where I was working. Nonetheless, Google brought me to your blog today, and, despite the fact I know I won’t ever be near a number of your stops, I had to keep reading. All-in-all, love the reviews and I look forward to continue reading. Will I ever write my own pizza reviews? I don’t know. I did do it with burgers once! And the pizza I mentioned above–first was Di Lucca’s (Millstone)–I don’t usually get, but did get a Sicilian. It was probably a 3.5 in my books. People working there were super friendly. Other was Nicolo’s (East Windsor). Their Chicago slice was mediocre…2.5/5 at best….

    1. Thanks Jeff for the encouragement.

  13. Gene Maee · · Reply

    I’m an NYU grad returning from the South for a couple of highly anticipated days in the City – only to discover that Ray’s in the Village is no more. Can you suggest an alternative most like it?

    1. Walk down south on Sixth to Bleecker and Carmine to Joe’s–it’s the best there is! Anywhere!

  14. Elizabeth Lynn · · Reply

    Next time in Denver try the Denver Pizza Company.

    1. Thank you so much. I will add it to my list for next time.

  15. Dear Mike,

    I agree with you on some mutually visited pizza places but we now have a Denino’s in Brick town NJ (originally from Staten Island) however, you seem to have missed DeLorenzo’s in Robbinsville, NJ formerly from Trenton. They use the “Tomato Pie” phrase but it is delicious pizza cut into unrecognizable slices….no circle with pie shaped slices…only squares, triangles, hexicons, etc.
    Nice blog keep up the information. Love Pizza Metro in Naples, Italy too, but car-fare is a little over my budget. Big fan of crispy thin pizza but when in Rome…..do it.

    Bob Esti

    1. Thanks I think I’m going to put Robbinsville on the map for my next trip to New Jersey.

  16. Do you remember a pizzeria on Broadway Bayonne that I believe may have been around 25th street. I’m not sure of the street but it was Broadway. When you entered the counter and oven was immediately to your left. The area was narrow as you walked to the back where the table and chairs were. It was so long ago the slice was smallish and thin but tasty. I remember the slice costing $1.10. The name may have started. With an “L”

  17. Sorry, but nothing comes to mind.

    1. Marcial Pivano · · Reply

      Hey Mick, that must be Pompei.

      1. Yes, Pompei, that’s it. Thank you Marcial, I knew someone out there would remember it.

  18. Have you ever tried Amore Pizza in Flushing.
    There pizza is amazing. There’s always lines to get the pizza so the pizza is always fresh. They make the best pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Here’s a video showing Amore Pizza. Its at 57 seconds of the video below. Just look at this pizza

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be flying into LGA next month and I think I will head right there!

  19. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be flying into LGA next month and I think I will head right there!

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