Pizza Places That Even a Desperate Pizza Snob Won’t Try

Here’s a start at something I am hoping that others might add to: photos of pizza for sale in strange places. To help you participate in this project, I suggest that you have a look at a great new iPhone photo-sharing app called “OKDOTHIS.” If you go there you will find that I started this “DO” under the “Food & Drink” category. Here is what I have posted so far. The rest is up to you!

7-11 in Bayonne, NJ

 7-11 - RESIZE

“It’s pizza that you can chase down with a Slurpee!”


Gas Station in Pegram, TN

Peagram - RESIZE 

I’ll take $20 of gas, a pack of smokes and a large pizza!”



Gas Station in East Nashville, TN

East Nashville - RESIZE 

“What do hipsters think of gas station pie?”


Lobby of the Franklin (TN) Theatre

Franklin Theatre - RESIZE 

No thanks—I’ll stick to popcorn at the movies.”


Truck Stop in Brinkley, AR

Brinkley AR - RESIZE

“I just love the smell of diesel and pepperoni”

One comment

  1. Surprisingly, the (admittedly small) slices of freshly baked pizza sold at Casey’s convenience stores in rural KS are really very lovely.

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