Pomodoro on Spring Street—The Home of the Vodka Slice is a Winner!

Pomodoro - outside - RESIZE.jpgBack home on a Saturday evening in the Pizza State, I took flight across the river into the Pizza City. Although my mission was to further explore pizza in the LES (“Lower East Side”), I first made an unplanned stop at Pomodoro Ristorante & Pizzeria. Located on a corner in the East Village just above Little Italy, I had walked by this place many times in the past, noticing their prominently advertised “vodka slice.”

Pomodoro is an order at the counter joint with a small section of tables and chairs. Weather-permitting, there are also a few tables outside. In addition to a wide selection of different slices of pizza, they serve some other dishes and offer beer and wine.

Pomodoro - inside - RESIZEI ordered a plain slice ($3.00 cash-only), curiously wondering whether or not it would be the vodka. It wasn’t. The good news though was that I was in no way disappointed with what they delivered. After a good three-minute reheat, the good-value-sized slice was served up at a perfect eating temperature.

Pomodoro - slice - RESIZEAt first glance, the tomato sauce looked a little darker than usual. I found it to be rich tasting, quite good and perfectly blended with the cheese. There was a solid consistent black char throughout the entire bottom crust, and I would label this baby as “well-cooked.”  It also had a delicate touch of seasoning (mostly likely some garlic and oregano) that seemed just right, and kept it from being bland without going overboard. This was also a perfect “Fold and Rip” slice without any cheese slippage.

My only mark against Pomodoro’s slice was that the crust was a little dry and had too much at the end. Still, this is a slice that no one in their right mind would ever refuse.

What a fool I was to order a slice thinking I’d automatically get the vodka one. Now I know I need to request it. At least I’ve got a good reason to go back to this fabulous pizza joint!


PIZZA SNOB RATING ****½ Nearer Perfection
Pomodoro Ristorante & Pizzeria
51 Spring Street (corner of Mulberry Street)
New York, NY 10012


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