UPDATE: Fellini’s Pizza in Atlanta

Original Review: 08/01/12
Previous Rating: **** Near Perfection

My annual trip to ATL this summer made me realize one thing—the people in that town just don’t appreciate how good Fellini’s Pizza really is. It makes me cringe whenever it fails to be cited on local “best-of” lists. And, I sincerely apologize for not giving it the perfect score it deserved last year.

Felinis - RESIZE

On this trip I visited my third of their seven locations. It is always refreshing to know that Fellini’s are open until midnight or 2:00 a.m. depending on the location. After a late evening out, I ventured to the Chandler Park one which sits in a new building a few blocks from the Little Five Points area.  Like the others I have been to, I was able to dine al fresco enjoying my two cheese slices outside on the patio that lovely summer night.

Tasting these delicious works of art, I realized that the Snob was a rookie rater when he evaluated Fellini’s over a year ago. No doubt in my mind now, these slices are perfect. Fresh and tasty, they were crafted just right, delightfully lavished with olive oil.

Felinis slices - RESIZE

The Snob has many lofty goals when it comes to eating pizza around the USA. My newest one is to visit all seven Fellini’s locations.  They are three for three, so far.  I suspect that they will maintain this perfect score.

NEW PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***** Sets the Standard

Fellini’s Pizza
2809 Peachtree Rd.
909 Ponce de Leon Ave.
1634 McLendon Avenue
Atlanta, GA


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