Franklin TN’s Wall Street Pizzeria—A New Issue on the Rise

Wall Street - outside - RESIZE

Life as a Pizza Snob means that friends and family love to take you to new pizza places they have discovered. Such was the case recently when The Kid’s girlfriend’s family invited Ms. Pie and me to join them and our young ones for a Sunday lunch after church. The chosen place was the brand-spanking new Wall Street Pizzeria located in the retail center adjacent to the mega condo complex at the Franklin Road-Moores Lane intersection.  Wall Street sure picked a great location for a pizza joint.  They should see a good delivery business from both hungry condo-dwellers and the many churches along Franklin Road.

Wall Street - inside - RESIZE

Wall Street was so new that I could not find any info whatsoever about it on the web. I later learned that they are still in a soft-opening stage after taking over the space vacated by a failing restaurant. Our group of six arrived to find a rather empty room with more of a swanky bar vibe than that of a casual slice place. Since it was such a nice day, we walked right through to their outdoor patio where we were graciously greeted by our waitress.

Wall Street - patio - RESIZE

Like always, we kept things basic and ordered a couple of large 18-inch NY-Style pies from the top of the menu: one plain cheese ($13.99) and another with pepperoni. The lower half of the menu featured some specialty pies with Wall Street-themed names such as the “Black Friday,” “Bull Market,” and “Pork Futures.” Salads (ours were fair), calzones, and sandwiches were offered along with beer and wine.

Wall Street - pie - RESIZE

The pies came out quick, looking classic but light-colored. They turned out to be limp and soft. It was either a case of not being cooked long enough or not having the oven hot enough. Ingredients-wise, there seemed to be a slight blend to the cheese. Along with the tomato sauce and a touch of oregano, they nicely combined for a tasty eat. Pie dimensions were good with the right amount of fresh fixings and a good-sized crust handle. They were also not overly greasy or oily. The Snob’s advice to Wall Street is simple:  just cook it some more like I did later for great leftovers!

Wall Street shows promise.  It is definitely worth another visit.  Watch this blog for an update.  Hopefully, our next pie will get the well-done treatment. The Snob won’t make special requests on first visits, since he expects a pizza joint to serve the best they have to offer. However, on return visits, I am not shy about asking for it the way I like it—chewy and crispy.  This place could be a welcome addition to the Franklin-Brentwood area.

PIZZA SNOB RATING     *** ½ Working on a Good Thing

Wall Street Pizzeria
Davenport Boulevard
(Franklin Road at Moores Lane)
Franklin, TN 37069
[no website]


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