Two Boots Pizzeria – Nashville Welcomes Colorful Chain’s Incredible Pizza to Town

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Two Boots Pizzeria’s name represents the geographical shapes of both Italy and Louisiana, a tribute to the founders’ love for both pizza and New Orleans.

Two Boots Pizzeria Nashville is located on the triangle where 21st splits into Broadway and Division. They reside in a colorfully refurbished building previously occupied by The Great Escape, one of the best used record stores on the planet. (The Great Escape moved to West Nashville a few years back when Midtown started to turn trendy, and rents began to escalate.) I was delighted to see Two Boots honor this history by hanging a classic Great Escape sign inside and having some flyers about the store’s new location.

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Two Boots names their slices after local celebrities. In Nashville, their signature slice is the “The Kitty,” a chicken-topped slice named after the late country singer, Kitty Wells. Their white sauce slice is called the “Meg” after local hero Jack White’s drumming partner in his old band, The White Stripes. These and a few other choices are all prominently displayed under glass for view while you order at the counter. Slices are then quickly fired-up in their CPO (conventional pizza oven) and delivered to your table whether inside or out on their patio.

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Having 15 locations in places as diverse as New York and Los Angeles labels you as a chain.  The Snob has an aversion to chains based on their usual inferior and inconsistent quality. However, the much-heralded arrival of Two Boots to Music City caught my attention, and web photos of their slices lured me in the rest of the way.

My first visit to Two Boots was at lunch time soon after their recent opening.  (I confess I have been five times since.)  The placard in front of the “Cheese” slice described it as “Galbani Premium whole milk mozzarella & our piquant sauce on a thin cornmeal crust.” Their slice had the right dimensions, but its color deviated from the norm looking much darker than it should. While the first two ingredients drew no concern, the cornmeal crust was a point of skepticism for the Snob.

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I hesitantly ordered two cheese slices for $2.50 each plus a Hot-Chicken Salad. (My first and last attempt at Hot Chicken—not my thing.) I must admit the cornmeal crust felt quite unusual. But, pizza fans!  It was a true case of love at first bite! My slices were cooked to perfection. Completely classic in terms of shape and content, the perfect blending of sauce and cheese was lavished with a delicious layering of oil. The crust was crispy, crunchy and chewy, and I totally enjoyed the tasty sprinkling of cornmeal flour that enhanced the crust and dusted my fingertips.

On one of my later visits I tried the “Grandma Bess” which is a “square” Margherita slice. I liked it but will probably just stick with the “Cheese.” My guests have tried most of the specialty slices, and so far it has been thumbs up on everything.

Two Boots - Grandma Bess - RESIZE

Nashvillians should rejoice that they are open until 3:30 a.m. on the weekends making Two Boots an excellent choice for a late night treat before heading home.

It is with great excitement that I welcome Two Boots to town. While a true classic NY-pie lover should be forewarned that Two Boots pizza is a bit untraditional, they get away with it! Two Boots makes an absolutely delicious slice of pizza that will keep you coming back for more.  Despite the slight twist from tradition, their pie is well worthy of a perfect score from the Snob.

See you there!

PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***** Sets the Standard

Two Boots Pizzeria Nashville
1923 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37202


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