R.I.P.—Franklin TN’s Pizza & Cream

pizza & cream - resizeSome half-dozen years ago or so, a pizza joint named Pizza & Cream opened in a strip center off Highway 96/Murfreesboro Road in my hometown of Franklin. Clueless about what I could expect from the place, I tried on two different occasions to give it a try. On both attempts, I encountered notes on the door explaining why they were currently closed. My visits to their storefront did however reveal that the source of their name was the fact that they served both pizza and ice cream.

Eventually their door shuttered for good until one day I noticed that the outdoor sign that formerly read “Pizza & Cream” now read “Pasta & Cream.” It took a while, but eventually Mrs. Pie and I gave the new place a try and discovered that Pasta & Cream serves up the best fresh pasta this side of New York City. And they too also serve ice cream!

After repeated visits and take outs, I one day asked Eric, the store’s owner, about the name transition. Well, it seems that the cost saving of not totally replacing the old sign was considerable. Therefore, having to sell ice cream was well worth just having to just change the word “pizza” to “pasta” in the sign.

Eric also said he heard that the previous owners had some struggles that just made it hard to get things going. To this day, I’ve never met anyone who ate at Pizza & Cream, and although I thought that I had taken one, I can’t find a photo of that original sign.

Anyway, although I’m in no way The Pasta Snob, I strongly recommend giving Pasta & Cream a try if you have not yet done so. It’s highly addictive and one of Franktown’s best to-go dining options.

Pizza & Cream
1203 Murfreesboro Road
Franklin, TN 37064


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