Pizza on Fort Worth’s Southwest Side—Part Two: Perrotti’s Pizza

Perrottis - outside - RESIZE

The Pizza Snob’s Fort Worth pizza adventure continued with a visit to Perrotti’s Pizza. Technically located in Benbrook, Texas, the traffic to get the family there for a weekday lunch was still a mess. Judging by the faded sign at the strip center entrance, Perrotti’s has been around for awhile. The semi-abandoned center looks to have seen better days.

Perrottis - counter - RESIZE

Perrotti’s is your typical local family-run pizza joint with the usual run of pizza, pasta and sandwiches. They also deliver.  Our health-conscious group was more interested in salads, so we ordered only a single 16-inch “giant” plain cheese pie for $14.50. Although no crust choices were mentioned on the menu, we did a “safety check” about options and selected “thin” over “pan.” After ordering at the counter, we grabbed seats at a cramped, yellow, pre-fab table in the small dining area off to the side.

Perrottis - inside - RESIZE

The  Iceberg lettuce salads were rather unexciting, and my glance into the kitchen area eyed an oven that seemed incapable of producing a great pizza. Any optimism that I had was dissipating fast. These concerns were soon realized when our pie arrived looking much like the one we had the day before at nearby Palio’s. Once again, we had that slimy burnt cheese look staring us in the face. I was tempted to pass.  Unlike Palio’s, this one was at least cut in the traditional manner, even though it was cut smaller than usual creating 12 triangular slices.

A quick aside: Writing this made me think of that TV commercial where someone ponders the geometry surrounding a pizza–it is round, put into a square box and cut into triangles!

The Mozzarella cheese on top seemed to be of an inferior quality. When cooked in an unconventional pizza oven, it made for an unpleasant tasting experience.  The crust tasted like a cracker. At least the pie wasn’t too heavy with either cheese or dough. But missing in action was a sufficient amount of tomato sauce. When you put all the pieces together, this pizza was best described as tasteless.

Perrottis - pie - RESIZE

I polled my family, and the only positive comment came from my father-in-law who thought the crust handle was tasty. However, when I told him my planned rating of the place, he said I was kind.

Short and simple—we didn’t like it and didn’t finish it.


PIZZA SNOB RATING     ** Why Did I Waste Those Calories?

Perrotti’s Pizza
6136 Southwest Boulevard
Forth Worth, TX 76109


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