UPDATE: Nizza Pizza—Still By Far The Best Pie in Weatherford, Texas

Original Review: 01/30/13

Over the Christmas Holidays, the Pizza Snob returned to Weatherford where I was pleased to find that Nizza Pizza is alive and well. I can also say that they are still serving up the best pie in town—one that certainly lives up to classic NY-style standards.

And look what I found hanging on their wall!

Nizza Pizza wall - RESIZE

Thanks Nizza Pizza for your support!


PIZZA SNOB RATING     ****1/2 Nearer Perfection

Nizza Pizza
1016 S. Main Street
Weatherford, TX  76086


  1. Thank you!!! I always enjoy reading your posts! Thanks for the special shout out!

  2. Found your blog thanks to a visit to Nizza Pizza last night. I’m originally from Long Island and my wife is from Madison, NJ. We agree that it’s the best pizza in town, if not in the entire state of Texas.
    If only if we could just get some real bagels life would be complete.

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