Whole Foods Market–The Pizza Snob Gives It Another Try

Whole Foods Market - Outside - RESIZEAmong other things, working at home during the COVID pandemic has disrupted my workday routine of having lunch everyday at the Whole Foods Market in the Green Hills area of Nashville. My brisk walk there and back for exercise and the wide assortment of tasty and healthy things to eat from the buffet, etc. were a part of my daily regimen. However, one thing that I intentionally did not partake in was their pizza.

Some eight years ago, I gave some space to WFM pizza and had this less-than-flattering thing to say about it:

Whole Foods certainly conveys the look of New York style pizza. They do a good job of not over-using ingredients. However, the taste is all wrong—a total flavor nightmare for your tongue. Nothing is right–sauce, cheese, or crust. The worst tasting part to me is the flour dusted on the bottom of the crust.  Even though the crust is blackened on the bottom and gives the appearance of a well-cooked slice, it’s actually a limp, undercooked slice that is too chewy. Perhaps using healthy ingredients was the cause of this total taste breakdown. Sometimes good just tastes bad!

Well, a reader recently encouraged me to give their pie another try, claiming that it had gotten better. With little pizza action available during the current chaos, I took him up on his challenge. Recently, while shopping on a Sunday evening for some Christmas groceries with the family at our hometown WFM in Franklin, we decided that each of us would bring our own goodies home for our dinner. My pizza plan was thus ready for action and I decided this time was as good as any to bring home a couple of cheese slices.

Whole Foods Market - Pizza Counter - RESIZEThere wasn’t much pizza sitting out on the counter under the heat lamps, but I did find two slices available. ($3.79 each or two for $7.00).  They boxed them individually in their special triangular boxes like they always do, and we all checked out and headed home.

Whole Foods Market - Boxes - RESIZEBringing the pizza slices back this way, it was obvious that they wouldn’t been very hot when I got around to eating them. Such was true and, in all fairness, I chose to warm up my second slice in the toaster oven. Unfortunately, neither slice had any crispness whatsoever and both were soft and mushy.

But most of all, like my previous experience with WFM pizza, it just didn’t have much taste to it. While there was nothing off-putting about it, it really needed something to jazz up its flavor. A simple dash of garlic in the sauce and some oregano on top would really help. I’d also work on the blend of cheese and sauce—less of the former and more of the latter.

Whole Foods Market - Slices - RESIZEHaving sat on this write-for for a while, I thought I would give WFM one more chance and eat on site where I might get a hotter, fresher sampling of their wares. Having to get some grocery items, I went there hungry for a late afternoon lunch on a recent Friday. Since I was hungry, my plan for one slice turned to two, but what was I thinking? Those heat lamps are worthless and without a toss back into the oven, my slices were as soft and mushy as before. Aside from getting some needed afternoon nourishment, this effort really didn’t further my analysis.

Well, did Whole Foods pizza get any better? I’m really not sure, but that fact that it tasted bland rather than bad was somewhat of a victory. In that regard, I will be taking my rating up a notch, but it’ll likely be another eight years before I again try Whole Foods pizza.

PIZZA SNOB RATING *** Better Than Dominos
Whole Foods Market


  1. Joe MacBu · · Reply

    I think the execution on their pizza is so inconsistent, especially across stores. I’ve seen pale crusts like yours at some stores, and have also had ones with nice browning and large bubbles on the rim at others. The latter ones have tasted great. Nice fermentation flavor in the dough, tasty sauce (heard they switched to Bianco), good cheese. A worker said they switched to a new program with all new ingredients a few weeks ago. Also tried a slice with the new ancient grain crust, and that was pretty tasty. So it might be worth giving it yet another chance if you can find a store that actually bakes it well.

  2. I just stumbled on your site and really enjoy it. I would never think to go to Whole Foods for pizza. And your review validates why I shouldn’t. Keep up the good work. You are doing a great service.

    1. Thanks Eric!

  3. Christopher · · Reply

    Umm… So you want a plain cheese slice, but you also want it topped with oregano? You want a crispy (almost burnt crust), but complain when it has to be dusted with flour to keep from sticking in a wood oven? You want hot pizza when you get home from a place that is designed for “dine-in”? Sounds like you have a lot of needs there, perhaps you should get real and understand what you are asking for is a needle in a haystack.

    1. You must be a shareholder! Yes, I’m just a snobby PIA!

  4. I had some today, pepperoni. It must have been healthy pizza because I found it tasteless and not very good at all. I suspect it won’t even trigger my lactose intolerance, there was so little cheese on it.

  5. It’s only gotten worse over the last few years…not even eatable now

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