Brixx Wood Fired Pizza – Staying Simple Can Be Appetizing

Brixx outside - RESIZE

You would think that I’d pick pizza every time it was my turn to choose the restaurant for our family’s Sunday lunches, but I seldom do.  Joints within reasonable striking distance are not up to The Snob’s standards. However, one of our frequent picks is Brixx Wood Fired Pizza. My family first became attracted to the place by their menu of delicious salads and sandwiches. Brixx is a classy joint as well, and we enjoy sitting outside on their front patio when weather permits.

Located in the Cool Springs Area of Franklin, Brixx sits at the front entrance of an office building in the new Whole Foods Market shopping center.  This 16-location Southeastern franchise generally appeals more to the non-traditional pizza person rather than a classic NY-pie guy like me. Their menu offers over 20 different types of pies with an assortment of ridiculous toppings and various cheeses.

Brixx inside - RESIZE

Our first visit there was pizza-less. When we asked our waiter why there wasn’t a plain pie choice on the menu, he told us to simply ask for one.   All of the pies at Brixx are 10-inchers, so we shared one as an appetizer on our next visit. We carefully ordered a plain cheese pizza with thin crust and nothing else on it.  Surprisingly, it came out looking pretty much like a smaller version of a classic NY-style pie. The bigger surprise was how much we enjoyed it—evidenced by how quickly those six small slices got consumed by four people!

The tomato sauce and mozzarella (with possibly some other cheeses mixed in) were good quality and well-proportioned which gave it an excellent taste. The crust was thin, chewy, and flavorful, but could have been fired under the wood a few more minutes to get a little crispier. Although quite tasty, there was no noticeable effect of the wood-firing process.  Additionally, it should have been served a little hotter.


The Snob’s family has now made several trips to Brixx for great lunches, and our special appetizer plain pie for $7.95 has become a regular item. It’s tasty, light, and hits the spot. I suspect we will see it on many more Sundays to come!

PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza
1550 W. McEwen Drive Suite 10
Franklin, Tennessee 37067


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