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Pie Five Pizza Co.–A New Design-Your-Own-Pizza Chain Comes to Nashville

It seemed that there had been a lack of hometown attention from the Nashville-based Pizza Snob. So after “blogging-up” the efforts of my recent pizza travels, it was time once again time to ruffle some local feathers. My first choice for a new victim had been staring me in the face for several months. On […]

Cool Springs Brewery—A Reinvented Pizzeria in Franklin (TN)

It was a lazy Saturday night, and no one in the house felt like cooking. Ah! The perfect opportunity for the Pizza Snob to have a local pizza adventure. So, The Philosopher and I hopped in the car and journeyed over to Cool Springs Brewery, located in a strip center in the Cool Springs shopping […]

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza – Staying Simple Can Be Appetizing

You would think that I’d pick pizza every time it was my turn to choose the restaurant for our family’s Sunday lunches, but I seldom do.  Joints within reasonable striking distance are not up to The Snob’s standards. However, one of our frequent picks is Brixx Wood Fired Pizza. My family first became attracted to […]

Brentwood, TN’s Matteo’s Pizzeria – A Take-Out Disappointment

It was a lazy Saturday night at home, and we had no dinner plans. It had been awhile since the Snob’s last adventure, so he thought about bringing home a pie to accompany that evening’s Netflix flick. I decided to try Matteo’s Pizzeria, a place once close to home at The Factory in Franklin. They […]

Old Chicago Pizza Comes to Town – NY-Style Comes Up Short

The Pizza Snob had no vision of ever writing about chains when he started this blog some six months ago.  My intention was to focus solely on local Mom and Pop pizza makers. However, I did find it fun to write about supermarket pizza and even the mega-chain Sbarro. There are a few other prominent […]