Basil Garden Pizza—A (Somewhat) New Pizza Spot in Brentwood, TN

Basil Garden - outside - RESIZEBrentwood is a somewhat wealthier than average American city located in between Nashville proper and the Snob’s home of Franklin. It’s a town that came to be from a lot of Country Music money, most notably from the late singer Eddie Arnold who once practically owned the whole town. The one thing about Brentwood though is that they didn’t create a proper downtown area and still to this day haven’t quite made that happen. About the best that they can offer is the commercial area on Franklin Road near Old Hickory Boulevard and Interstate 65. That’s where some local folks chose to open Basil Garden Pizza.

It’s no secret that the Snob has been slow in blogging and my visit to BG was pre-COVID around the time of their Brentwood opening. Since then, these guys have taken over the Matteo’s Pizza location in Franklin and despite the fact that both have been safe-practice open, I haven’t since been to either.

Well, back in smoother times, I met one of my local pizza buds at BG for a weekday lunch. The joint was so spanking new that on the day we visited there was a truck outside installing their new sign. BTW – the location is a bit off the beaten path and is tricky to find. So be patient!

Basil Garden - inside1 - RESIZEBasil Garden - inside2 - RESIZEGetting right to the punch, BG’s pizza was quite good!

We got there early, and the first slice pie of the day was still in the oven, so my bud smartly suggested that we wait for it. We each requested a pair of slices as a part of their two-slice and a drink lunch special, and I added a Caesar salad as well. The slices didn’t take long to arrive after we ordered, and my-oh-my, look at the size of the one on the left that I got! A double-wide indeed, making this more of a three-slice adventure for yours truly.

Basil Garden - slices - RESIZEThese slices looked perfect in terms of the size of their content which is as you know, a big plus in the Snob’s book. Beautifully colored as well, it’s often a sight for sore eyes to see such pretty pizza in these parts. But, when I picked my first slice up, it flopped right back to its plate. It was too soft and lacked any crispness. Surprisingly though, when I got to the end, the crust there was crisp and tasty.

Overall, taste wise, the BG slice was a home run. This was great-tasting pizza. The cheese and sauce were spot on delicious and there was just a light coat of oil to keep things in a perfect balance. A flavor extravaganza!

My pizza bud agreed, and he has since been back and was further pleased finding a better crispness. Time for me to get off my butt and pay Basil Garden another visit.

PIZZA SNOB RATING ****Near Perfection
Basil Garden Pizza of Brentwood
127 Franklin Road #180
Brentwood, TN 37027


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