London, England’s Mulberry Street—New York-Style Pizza Excellence Across the Pond

Mulberry Street - outside - RESIZE

Courtesy of a business trip, the Pizza Snob made his first trip to London in almost twenty years. While planning my visit, I simply could not resist the temptation to have my first international pizza-eating experience. A web search for “New York-style pizza in London” led me right to Mulberry Street where they boasted of being the only such place in London and being voted the “No. 1 Pizza in South East” by The Times.

My expectations were lower than low. The photos of their pie did not look appealing. They also took their name from the main street in Manhattan’s Little Italy—a place where you will find lots of great Italian food but not a single pizza joint. I wondered how bad their pizza would be considering the likelihood that they would not have access to the proper ingredients. Would it be the wrong cheese, sauce or dough? Or would it be a complete disaster?

After checking in at my flat, my enthusiasm made Mulberry Street my first London destination. It was quite easy to locate and was just a short walk from the Bayswater tube station. Upon my arrival I encountered two small problems: they had yet to open for noontime lunch and they were cash-only. I took a short trip back to the high street where I killed a few minutes converting some dollars for pounds. I was now ready.

Mulberry Street - counter - RESIZE

The room was small and seated only about a dozen. The counter seating was lined with empty china plates. I was their first customer of the day and was surprised to see that they sold slices in addition to 10-inch and 20-inch pies.  I ordered a single slice of Margherita for £2.75. Pizza of various types is their specialty, but they also offer other items such as salads and pastas. I could not see how they were making my slice, so I was not sure if it was being individually constructed or coming out of a whole pie.

It took several minutes for my slice, to arrive, and I was relieved to see that they were using a conventional pizza oven.   Their contradiction of categorizing NY-Style with the name of something more akin to Brooklyn gave me some concern.  My eyes could not believe what I saw:  Served up on a china plate (without a knife and fork) was a spot-on perfect looking New York slice! Without hesitation, I folded it and bit in to find a slice so good that I felt transported across the ocean! The ingredients were all classic in taste and downright delicious. The crust was cooked to perfection—crisp and charred on the bottom. The tip of the slice may have been slightly flaccid from a tad too much oil (my slice was what I like to call a “drainer”), but I didn’t mind. The end crust was a little dry; nonetheless, it was good and crunchy. Without a doubt, this was a fabulous slice of pizza—hot, fresh and tasty!

Mulberry Street - slice - RESIZE

After finishing, I spotted the cook behind the counter. I told him that I was from New York and asked him where he learned to make such great pizza. He replied only with a blushing smile—he knew he was making good pizza!

I had meetings with several ex-Patriots over the next few days and shared with them the joys of my discovery. I have a feeling that Mulberry Street is going to see quite a few more homesick Americans stopping in for a quick slice. I can’t yet speak from experience, but I just can’t imagine there being a better slice of pizza in all of England. Likewise, the pizza of Mulberry Street would hold its own anywhere in the United States. What a truly unexpected experience this was.


PIZZA SNOB RATING ****1/2 Nearer Perfection
Mulberry Street
47 Moscow Road
London W2 4AH, UK
44 20 7313 6789



  1. Dear Mike,

    On behalf of all the team @ Mulberry Street New York Pizza London – thank you for taking the time to visit our shop and of course for the great review.

    I want you to know that we won’t rest until we deliver a 5 slice rating and make your hall of fame! Who knows hopefully by the next time you visit London!

    We live for reviews like yours that confirm we are authentic New York – delivering ‘The Real Deal’ and it’s good to know we are on the right path to your five slice perfection.

    Keep up the great work.


    Mulberry Street

    1. Thanks-it was a pleasure. I miss London and can’t wait to go back. See you next time.

  2. Lewis · · Reply


    I ordered a large 20″ Meat pizza over the phone for delivery. It arrived within 12 minutes which I thought was quite impressive.
    when I opened the pizza box I got an immediate unpleasant whiff. The pizza smelled as if the ingredients had expired. The base was wet and soggy. As I tried to lift up the first slice all the topping fell off the pizza and I was left just holding the pizza base.
    This was the worst Pizza I’d ever seen and I didn’t eat any.
    The next day I went to the restaurant and I brought the pizza with me. I was told by the front of house staff to throw the pizza away and that they don’t need it back. I was told to leave my details and that as the manager doesn’t work in the shop I should expect a call back. 2 days passed and still no call from the manager. When I finally got hold of the manager (that doesn’t work in the the restaurant in which she’s the manager of), she was so rude and said she’d not be giving me a refund as I left the shop with the pizza so I could have eaten it. Apparently I should have left it in the shop.
    I tried to explain that I was told by a member of her staff to throw the pizza away but she wasn’t listening. She continued to speak over me and then hung up on me!
    If you’re into terrible customer service and even worse pizza then this place is for you. If not, I recommend Pizza Hut less than a minute up the road.
    They may have got my £29 for ONE pizza this time but I’d rather go hungry than eat anything from this place again.

  3. I was sorry to hear about the above bad review on Mulberry Street. Living in the USA, I have not been there in two years and can’t go back quickly to revisit. I can say that since my time there, I have had some friends try and love it and also had a London business associate use their pizza for an event and loved it as well. Let’s hope this was an isolated incident.

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