Bayonne NJ Pizza Blitz—Part 4: La Guardiola Pizzeria

La Guardiola - outside - RESIZE

The Bayonne Pizza Blitz continued with a walk further up Broadway. La Guardiola Pizzeria & Bistro was another recommendation from the folks on the Bayonne Facebook page and is a bit more upscale than most of the pizza joints in town. It has a nice European-style café look. Its hip look and fancy tables made me wonder if I would even be able to grab a slice there. When I finally spotted some slices sitting on the counter, there was not a plain cheese in sight among the fancy ones on display. I really was not sure what I was getting myself into!

La Guardiola - inside - RESIZE

I asked for a plain slice ($2.00), and mysteriously one appeared out of nowhere. It was just out of sight and ended up looking just about as Bayonne-like as could be. After its reheat, it came out looking great in all the right proportions and with the traditional contents. The tomato sauce was plentifully applied, and the cheese was just a tad runny within acceptable limits. It was toasted just right with a nice scorch on the bottom that made it stand up firm and crisp.

The slice had perfect execution but was lacking in flavor somewhat. I didn’t see any condiments on display pointing me in that direction either. Maybe pizza places should post a sign saying “Apply Your Own Seasoning!” Although the oil on the surface was applied just right, as I got to the end, I found the pizza bones to be a little dry.

La Guardiola - slice - RESIZE

Looking around at the flair of this place, I thought it would be a great place for a full Italian dinner. Their van out front proudly boasts their catering biz.  When it comes down to it, however, La Guardiola stands up well as a place in Bayonne with a solid pizza slice that won’t do you wrong.


PIZZA SNOB RATING     ****½ Nearer Perfection

La Guardiola Pizzeria & Bistro
819 Broadway (Between 37th and 38th Streets) Bayonne, NJ 07002


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  1. This pizzeria sucks, always got an old, re-heated slice when I went there.

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