Bayonne NJ Pizza Blitz—Part 3: Pizza Lino’s

Pizza Linos - outside - RESIZE

I resumed my Bayonne Pizza Blitz by heading across to Avenue A on the west side of town. Pizza Linos was another place recommended by the Bayonne Facebook page, located just a block away from Bayonne High School. Judging by their 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. weekday $1.00 slice special, I suspect they do a good after-school business despite there being another pizza place directly across the street from the school. They sell the usual stuff one finds at a place like this, and they surprisingly also serve a Philly cheese steak.

Linos is your typical Bayonne pizza joint—tables in the front and counter in the back overlooking the conventional pizza oven. Walking up to the counter, I thought that their specialty Philly cheese steak slice on display looked pretty tempting if I was into that kind of thing. Not wanting to shock my readers, though, I stuck with my normal cheese slice for the going Bayonne rate of $2.00.

Pizza Linos - inside - RESIZE

I got there just before the 2 p.m. special kicked in, and they took my slice from a fresh whole pie sitting on the counter waiting for the students to arrive.  I waited a few minutes for my reheated slice, and on its arrival, my first thought was how economical Lino’s slice looked. It is a typical NY-style slice that is good and lean on all fronts—sauce, cheese and crust. Slices like this are a dream—they go down real fast and you can eat quite a few before filling up.

Lino’s slice could have used just a little more tomato sauce to suit my liking as well as some oregano or garlic flavoring. Ingredients aside, it was cooked perfectly—firm and crisp and nicely scorched on the bottom making for a tasty and chewy crust.

Pizza Linos - slice - RESIZE

By Bayonne standards, this slice was super-thin, but a very good one. Had I not had other pizza plans for the day, I would have eaten a few more. Lino’s pie is one I’d certainly want to try again.


PIZZA SNOB RATING     ****½ Nearer Perfection
Pizza Linos
721 Avenue A (Between 31st and 32nd Streets)
Bayonne, NJ 07002
[No website]



    1. Thanks–I have Kinchley’s on my lost!

  1. WCBS radio in NY just named them 2014 best pizza in the tri-state too. I voted for Kinchley’s in Ramsey NJ near where I grew up (and years before I moved to Middle TN like the pizza snob). If you every get up that way, it would be great to read a review.

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