Jersey City’s Prince of Pizza— A Solid Slice on the Square

Prince of Pizza - outside - RESIZEMost Bayonne natives like myself are familiar with Journal Square in Jersey City, our northern neighbor. Having spent my high school years at St. Peter’s Prep in JC, I also became familiar with another smaller square called McGinley. But I was not familiar with Prince of Pizza, a joint that’s been on McGinley Square since 1967. Maybe this had to do with the fact that the home of our high school rivals, the Hudson Catholic Hawks, lurks in its shadows. We Preppies went for our pie at the great Three Guys from Italy which is still in Journal Square.

The nudge for me to try Prince of Pizza came from its mention on a Jersey City Facebook page. I’m sure glad I spotted it since this little hole-in-the wall is a perfect “walk-in-and-grab-a-slice” pizza joint.

The look of McGinley Square hasn’t changed much over the years. It still feels the same although most of the locally-owned storefronts have changed hands and a few of the national chains have snuck in.

Prince of Pizza - intside - RESIZEThere’s not much to Prince’s tiny little shotgun storefront space on the western side of the Square. Just take a walk back to the counter, and if you aren’t picking up your order “to” go, you can either eat your slice “on” the go, or sit at one of the three stools along the left side wall. Off to the right stands a fridge from which you can grab a drink, including some house-branded sodas.

On this late Friday afternoon, there were plenty of pizza slices sitting at the counter waiting for consumption. Ordering my plain cheeser (only $1.75), I waited and watched them dish them out in rapid succession. Mine was reheated quickly, and came out looking mighty fine.

My one-word review of Prince’s slice is “solid.” A slice wins big favor with me when its crust is so crisp that it cracks when I fold it. This one did just that, and everything else about it stayed tight and firm as I made my way through this masterfully-made slice.

Prince of Pizza - slice - RESIZEThe toasty bottom was darkly charred and tasted delightfully flavorful. The full and even char made it taste as good as it made it stand crisp.

My slice was noticeably hot and oily requiring a careful eat so as to not burn my mouth. So it was with caution that I enjoyed the delightfully fresh tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese. There was a vibrant taste about it from its bright seasoning that really brought everything to life. There was no need to add any of the available seasonings to improve this one.

Prince of Pizza - spices - RESIZEAll-in-all this was an overly-delicious slice of textbook perfect pizza.

I just found out that there is now a Prince of Pizza in Bayonne on uptown Avenue C. I’m not sure when it opened and more importantly how in the world I ever missed it. I guess I’ll see you there on my next trip home so I can once again can relive my exceptional pizza experience at Prince. This is pizza as good as it gets.

PIZZA SNOB RATING ***** Sets the Standard

Prince of Pizza
763 Bergen Avenue (McGinley Square at Montgomery Street)
Jersey City, NJ 07306


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  1. Cindy · · Reply

    I’ve been going to that place since i was a child! My dad was cool with the people in the shop for years (R.I.P to those who put all the love in the food, whom are no longer with us) and still make it my business to stop by and get a slice of that delicious pizza pie! It makes me feel happy when I go there.#MYFAVORITEPLACE

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