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Razza Pizza Artigianale — Neapolitan Pizza Perfection in Jersey City

Long healed from my disinterest in Neapolitan pizza, I was quite surprised that it took me so long to visit Jersey City’s Razza Pizza Artigianale. Even though its tenure has been short, the lofty goals for its handcrafted pizza set and met by its chef and owner, Dan Richer, have been well honored. In fact, […]

Helen’s Pizza in Jersey City—On the Newark Ave Pedestrian Plaza

If you have noticed the recent wane in the Pizza Snob’s productivity, you have been paying attention. Even though I still carry a backlog of pizza places to write about from last year’s travels, the sadness in the air has made me melancholy. I miss the excitement of traveling and exploring, and my heart has […]

Bread and Salt—New Pizza in Jersey City: Scrumptious Squares with Sublime Crust

Oh, does the Pizza Snob just love it when the pizza world starts to go crazy about a new place, and he gets the chance to go there. Such was the case when the New York Times came out with a rave review of Jersey City, NJ’s Bread and Salt. It was some serious positive […]

Loradella’s Family Pizzeria – Pizza for the Family, But Not the Snob

The Snob was back home in the Pizza State taking care of some business with little time for pizza. However, on a Christmas-present assignment from Mrs. Pie to Jersey City’s Newport area, I figured that I had a chance of finding a quick new slice nearby. Before I even left the door, my hunt discovered […]

Jersey City’s Four Brothers Pizza—Great Pizza with an Old Time Vibe

My Jersey City followers will have to suffer one last post about my recent local pizza explorations. This time it was on a Saturday with my brother. Together, we made a trip up West Side Avenue to a place where the sign read The Four Brothers: “Best Pizza in Town”. This part of the West […]

Georgio’s Pizza—A “Slice and a Shake” in Jersey City

It was a late summer afternoon, and I was still on my pizza tour of Jersey City’s Greenville section. Looking for another new place for a quick lunch, I came across Georgio’s Pizza. Driving up West Side Avenue, I found its corner location just after Culver and right before the Light Rail Station at Claremont. […]

Vinnie’s Pizza III—Another Great Cheesy Jersey City Slice

Still living my temporary daily situation in the Greenville area of Jersey City, I tracked down another nearby pizza joint for a midweek late afternoon lunch, Vinnie’s Pizza III. Not quite sure where its Danforth Avenue address would lead me, I was surprised to find Vinnie’s at the western end of the avenue where it […]

A Big, Big Slice at Vincent’s in Jersey City, NJ

Here’s a little thinking game that you can play. Let’s assume that somewhere there exists a collection of stop watches that keep track of the amount of time you spend in each city on Earth during your life time. What cities would have you clocked the most time in? For me #1 would be my […]

Jersey City’s Renato’s Pizza Masters— As Good as Their Name Implies

Reuniting with old high school friends can be fun. Especially when they share my mutual love for music and pizza. My old friend Big Jim was absolutely ecstatic that I try a place in the Jersey City Heights that dates date to 1959: Renato’s Pizza Masters. (No affiliation with Bayonne’s Pizza Masters.) On my list […]

Jersey City’s Prince of Pizza— A Solid Slice on the Square

Most Bayonne natives like myself are familiar with Journal Square in Jersey City, our northern neighbor. Having spent my high school years at St. Peter’s Prep in JC, I also became familiar with another smaller square called McGinley. But I was not familiar with Prince of Pizza, a joint that’s been on McGinley Square since […]