R.I.P.—Bayonne’s Wild Wood Pizza and Penne

Wild Wood - new - RESIZESo here’s a post-mortem on a pizza joint in my hometown that I never visited. Advertising their wood-fired pizza with the slogan “We do it with wood” had little appeal to me in a town with more conventional pizza ovens than fire hydrants! Sorry, the Snob likes his pizza the old-fashioned way.

Although not as tragic as the recent closing of Tony’s Pizza, I hate to see any business bite the dust. But, it’s hard to imagine such an untraditional style of pizza surviving in Bayonne. (Yet for some reason there still is a Domino’s!)

It is worth noting that it was on the top floor of Wild Wood’s building where the March 2013 fire started that burned down Harry’s Liquors next store on the corner. Harry’s (pictured below) moved into a new building across the street while an empty lot still sits on the corner next to the now vacant Wild Wood store front. It so happens that this popular liquor store is where yours truly earned his spending money delivering booze during my college days.

Wild Wood - Harrys - RESIZEHere’s an old photo I found of Wild Wood before the fire possibly taken before it even opened. Looks like they dropped the word “fire” from their name after the blaze.

Wild Wood - old - RESIZEAnybody out there ever had a Wild Wood pie? How was it?

Wild Wood Pizza and Penne
293 Broadway (corner of 13th Street)
Bayonne, NJ 07002



  1. I liked his pizza. My favorite was the clam, followed by the lamb with roasted lemon. Very thin crust, not a traditional pizza but very much like the gourmet pizzas in NYC. Sad to see him close.

  2. David Banno · · Reply

    I ordered from there a few times. It was good pie, not what we’re used to though. Think of it as an artisan pie. I had wine olives on mine & it was TASTY. I hoped for the best with his business, but a place like that CAN’T survive in this town.

  3. Lou Durando · · Reply

    I tried it several time and many of the different toppings, I liked it but it was far from your traditional pizza. You had to eat it hot, once it cooled the flavor took a negative turn for the worse.

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