Pizza at Bayonne, NJ’s Three Brothers from Italy—Dirty Looks Can Be Deceiving

3 Brothers from Italy - outsideRecently back home in Bayonne, I stood on a Boulevard street corner talking with a gentleman from the neighborhood. I asked him what he thought of Three Brothers from Italy, the pizza place looming in our background. “Dirty,” was all he said.

Looking back, I agree that the storefront of Three Brothers could use a new sign, some paint and a pressure wash. But at the time, choosing not to have my acquaintance elaborate any further, I decided I’d take the risk and give the place a try. I left telling him that’s its sometimes fun to write about bad pizza. As it turns out, that was a chance I did not get, since this turned out to be yet another good Bayonne slice.

Stepping inside on a late Friday afternoon, the square room with a counter in the back looked just like any other small neighborhood pizza joint. And it was clean! The green granite table tops in the seating area were actually quite attractive and cool-looking.

3 Brothers from Italy - insideI ordered a plain cheese slice (only $1.75) at the counter and it was reheated in a flash. It turned out to be more triangular in shape as compared to the usual slices one sees in these parts. I was immediately whammed by its strong garlic taste. But dang-this slice was quite good and tasty!

The Mozzarella cheese was a bit fluffy with a slight run to it and was coated with just the right touch of oil. The crust could have been crisper. As it was, the slice was light and docile, lacking any real firmness. The heavy dose of garlic eventually became a little too much for me.

3 Brothers from Italy - sliceAll in all, Three Brothers is a great place to be your neighborhood pizza joint if you want to get something to the house while it’s still good and hot. But, as all my readers by now should know, there’s plenty of good pizza to choose from in my hometown by the Bay.

By the way– my new friend knew his stuff and name-dropped Pizza Masters, Pompei and San Vito as his three Bayonne favorites. I guess I need to tell him that his neighborhood joint is not too shabby either.

PIZZA SNOB RATING ****Near Perfection
Three Brothers from Italy
646 Kennedy Blvd. (corner of 25th Street)
Bayonne, NJ  07002
[no website]



  1. try the VENICE, in bayonne,good thin pizza…..

    1. Been there and love it!

  2. eugene klumpp sr.b7 · · Reply

    always good and not fancy place it Is always clean, and very good service. good prices also keep up good service gene k b7 ty

  3. MountainBob · · Reply

    Next time get the sausage and pepper pie

  4. cherchmouse · · Reply

    We are also from Bayonne and my dad airways reminisces about 3 Brothers pizza. He says he wishes he could find them again because it was the best pizza he ever had. We are now “down the shore” and none of the pizza down here can hold a candle to North Jersey Pizza.. my favorite was always Pompeii ❤

    1. Oh do I miss Bayonne. Have not been there in almost a year – the longest time away in my life. This pandemic sucks.

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