Fort Worth’s Picchi Pacchi—Great Pizza from a Place with a Funny Name

Picchi Pacchi - OUTSIDE - RESIZEThe Pizza Snob doesn’t always get his way when it comes to picking the place for a family meal. But that didn’t stop me from making a quick side trip to Picchi Pacchi Pizza & Pasta which I unexpectedly spotted on our way to a fab lunch at downtown Fort Worth’s Bird Cafe. Seeing the words “New York Pizza by the Slice” stylishly painted on their glass windows was a tempting lure that I could not resist.

After said lunch, the others had a boring mission involving shopping, so I headed over to Picchi Pacchi (a Sicilian phrase meaning fast or quick) to try one of the said slices they were hawking. My internet history lesson taught me that this place received an overhaul after a 2010 change in ownership to the guy who previously operated the former Sammy’s Pizza and Deli around the corner.

Picchi Pacchi - INSIDE - RESIZEThis being Texas and they being an unknown entity, I entered their corner storefront in the classy art deco building with low expectations. Inside I found the place to be quite nice, clean and comfortable. There was plenty of room to sit including a surrounding upstairs balcony. The place did its best to look the part of an NY place offering a wide Italian menu and having the traditional walk-up counter with their pizza on display under glass.

It was mid-afternoon and my hopes dimmed even a bit further when all I saw on display were two pie trays hosting a variety of the day’s orphaned slices ranging from plain to peperoni. I requested one of the two plain cheese slices ($3.00) sitting there which they then reheated for about two-minutes in their CPO (conventional pizza oven). On the way in, the slice looked nice and thin and was not overdone with excess ingredients. Out of the oven it came looking good and crisp, and upon eating I found it to have been perfectly toasted throughout.

Picchi Pacchi - COUNTER - RESIZETo my pleasant surprise, this was a great tasty slice that was constructed and cooked very well. My slight complaint was that it tasted a bit dry.  Although there was some oil present, it could have used some more to liven up the crust which tasted a tad pale. Some more tomato sauce would have helped too since what was there was too much in the background lacking any brightness. Perhaps all this was from my slice having sat out awhile and drying up? High marks thought to a great-tasting cheese and a solid toasty execution.

Picchi Pacchi - SLICE - RESIZELooking back, my side trip was worthwhile and I certainly wouldn’t pass up a slice at Picchi Pacchi in the future. It was great to see some New York City in Cowtown! Just work on that dryness and perhaps come up with a friendlier name? (See here for some tips.)

PIZZA SNOB RATING ****Near Perfection

Picchi Pacchi Pizza & Pasta
512 Main Street #106 (corner of 5th) Fort Worth, TX  76102


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