Saporito Pizza— Get it Over 20 Different Ways in Springfield, NJ

Saporito - outside - RESIZEThe Pizza Snob’s Mom and Dad are both 87. Praise God they are both so happy and healthy. I very much look forward to my frequent visits back home to the Pizza State to see them. However, it’s not always easy to get them out to do things. In this regard however, I have learned one thing—the longer ahead of time you ask, the more likely they are to say no. Hitting them up to do something at the last minute gives them less time to worry and usually does the trick.

On a recent trip home, I was itching to get out and try some new pizza. So just after lunch time, I caught Mom in the right moment with an offer to go to Barnes & Noble—a place she just loves. Well, she happened to have a book on her wish list. After they suggested we go to the one out on Route 22, I located a suitable pizza joint for an impromptu visit—Saporito Pizza in Springfield Township.

Saporito - sign - RESIZEDuring my college days at Seton Hall, I drove the dreaded ancient Route 22 every day. It was a horrible highway then and still is now: congested and dangerous. After finishing at the book store, we located Saporito close by on this unusual part of the highway (west of Union) where there are miles of road with businesses (including Saporito) in the middle of the highway! While it is a maneuver to slow down in time to meet the entrance of your destination, at least you can access it from both sides of the highway.

Saporito is a big busy place with plenty of seating and features a wide range of foods, including hamburgers and steak sandwiches—not usual staples for a pizza joint. Ordering at the counter, I was blown away by the most different varieties of pizza slices I have ever before seen. I counted 23 in total although their website advertises 22! Between the four of us (my brother also came along for the ride), I stayed normal with a plain cheese ($2.35) while Mom had a Sicilian (a thick square) and Dad and my brother had thin squares.

Saporito - inside - RESIZEOur slices only took about two minutes to reheat in the giant ovens. Observing mine, I’d describe it as a little wider and heavier on the cheese than usual. They cooked it well with some noticeable char on the bottom. It folded easily, but seemed to look a little on the juicy side. Taste wise it turned out to be mighty fine: crisp and delicious with a pleasant oregano seasoning.

But the extra oil and cheese gave it an overall “swimmy” kind of feel. When I chewed into it, the oil and tomato sauce blend was pretty heavy and got a little slushy in my mouth. There was also a slight cheese slippage casualty.

Saporito - slice - RESIZEAll was said and done, this was a tasty and delicious slice—one though that could be a little better if it were just trimmed down a bit. I’d visit Saporito again if I had the chance, and I must say that I enjoyed sampling Mom and Dad’s different slices as well.

Give it a try—just be careful on that stinking Route 22!


PIZZA SNOB RATING **** Near Perfection

Saporito Pizza
100 US-22
Springfield Township, NJ 07081


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