Peppinos Pizzeria—The Real Deal Finally Comes to Florida’s 30-A

Peppinos - outside sign - RESIZEIt was once again time for the Pizza Snob’s annual vacation to the Florida Gulf Coast—a beautiful and relaxing place where I could never spend too much time. It also meant that it was time to update the state of the heretofore mediocre pizza pickings on the Panhandle. Well sunshine and pizza lovers, after first passing along the sad news of Enzo’s closure, I am now excited to report that things have gotten considerably better.

My cyber re-exploration of the area discovered one new place: Bronzinni Pizzeria. Heading out to find it one night, as I got closer to their address, I wondered if they might have taken over the former location of Pizza Nona. Well, they didn’t but someone else did: Peppinos Pizzeria & Ice Cream Shop that was closed for inventory but reopening the next day. A peek in the window at the new Bronzinni spot showed no slices up on the counter while they were quite busy with nighttime deliveries. I decided that I would hit both new spots for lunch tomorrow.

Peppinos - outside - RESIZEI made Peppinos my first stop and walked in to find the same setup as Pizza Nona: pizza to the left and ice cream to the right. On top of the pizza counter under glass was a freshly made plain cheese pie with just one slice missing—assumed sold to the day’s first customer sitting out on the deck. I ordered one of these very promising-looking slices for myself ($3.50) and waited inside at a table during its brief reheat.

Peppinos - INside sign - RESIZEThe slice looked as classic as one could be—slim, trim and crisp. It was served a bit hotter than I prefer and I also drained off some excess oil. But it was love at first bite, and I knew I was eating the real deal. The crust had a good char on the bottom and was firm and crisp making for a perfect Fold & Rip. Overall, everything was right about its fine tasty ingredients. One thing I liked in particular was the slightly roasted flavor of the tomato sauce. Peppinos slice is a true classic and delicious New York-style slice—a first for 30-A!

Peppinos - slice - RESIZEI couldn’t contain myself, and after finishing I complimented the proprietor and asked if he was from up north. He warmly introduced himself as Luigi from Connecticut. In short, he just opened a week ago, makes his own dough, cooks in a real pizza oven, and is very excited to be making pizzas on 30-A.

I want to get this news out fast so everyone can enjoy some great NY-style pizza on 30-A this season. He still needs to get a big sign up so help spread the word around until he does. Peppinos Pizzeria is the real deal and by far now claims the title of the Best Pizza on 30-A!

PS My next stop at Bronzinni turned out to be a big disappointment.

PPS I surprised Luigi and went right back to Peppinos to bring home a white sauce pizza for Mrs. Pie She loved it!

PIZZA SNOB RATING   **** 1/2 Nearer Perfection

Peppinos Pizzeria & Ice Cream Shop
4141 E. County Hwy 30-A
Seagrove Beach, FL 32459
[no website]



  1. Buck wheat · · Reply

    Worst pizza i have ever tried to eat.

    1. Sorry buckwheat but we sure disagree on this one. You wouldn’t happen to own one of the other local pizza joints now would you?

  2. pizzalovin · · Reply

    One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Luigi was such a friendly owner too, made you feel very appreciated. We ate there 2 times during the week we were in Seagrove, different pizzas each time (2 pizzas the first time & 3 the second time. All were so good. Leftovers eaten cold the next morning. Luigi’s pizzas are not like the run-of[-the mill ones at most places.

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