UPDATE: Sal’s Pizza in Brentwood, TN Makes Way for Florida Chain

Sals - RESIZEOriginal Review: 11/12/12
PIZZA SNOB RATING **1/2 Not a Total Waste    

Sal’s Pizza in Brentwood tried the impossible task of resurrecting the sacred ground once occupied by  Joey’s House of Pizza. Well, after somehow staying alive for several years, the site has recently given way to a small Florida chain called Westshore Pizza & Cheesesteaks.

While the Snob never considered Sal’s worthy of keeping on his radar, he hates to see anyone fail. These guys still have a Nashville location out on Stewarts Ferry Pike that one day will probably get a visit from the Snob.

Sal’s Pizza
214 Ward Circle, Suite 400
Brentwood, TN 37027


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