Slice Works—Somewhat Disappointing Slice in Denver

Slice Works - outside - RESIZEIt was approaching the time when I needed to head to the airport to wing it back home to Tennessee. But, there was still time for one more slice. Continuing to press my luck with the so far successful Thrillist list, I walked over to the Slice Works on 17th Street in LoDo, in the shadow of historic Union Station.

In addition to being in LoDo, Sliced Works also has a spot on Colfax near the Capitol. Passing by it the night before, it gave me a bad vibe of perhaps being a bit chain-like and over-commercial. Walking into the slick LoDo place that invaded an old historic building, I again had the same bad feeling. This place just looked too corporate and controlled.

There was a long counter on the right side of the room which displayed a wide assortment of different slice types. A sign boasted the special of the day which was the awful-sounding “Chili Cheese Dog” slice. I requested a plain cheese ($2.97) that I waited on to take to a table outside. The left side of the room inside was a big open area with a large colorful local sports mural on the wall.

Slice Works - counter - RESIZEReheated in a big brick oven, my slice was handed to me back over the counter. And, for the first time in three days, I did not get the long and lean Denver Slice. This one was much more of a smaller equilateral triangle and had a sad looking dull sheen about it. It also obviously lacked a good crispness to it and was more normal-sized than the trimmer Denver Slice cheese and sauce content. From its smell, the cheese also didn’t seem right.

Biting in, the soggy crust was a big disappointment, and the cheese was very dull and flat tasting. After all the great pizza I have had this weekend, I came close to just giving up on this one. To me, this slice was reminiscent of some of the second-tier slices I have had in Manhattan. While they look the part, they don’t seem to have the best ingredients and aren’t prepared in excellence. Quick and cheap seem to be the rule. Not awful, but certainly disappointing.

Slice Works - slice - RESIZEWhen I entered, I walked right up to the counter alone, however, after eating when I went inside to dispose of my trash, the line was to the door. Oh, how I wanted to tell these lunch time workers that a much better slice was just blocks away at Two-Fisted Mario’s!

PIZZA SNOB RATING ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing  
Slice Works
1433 17th Street Ste. 100 Denver, CO   80202



  1. My wife and I moved to Denver from NYC, so we’re pizza obsessed, and like to try out as much pizza as possible. Slice works is definitely hit and miss. We usually go to the Colfax spot. Sometimes it’s great, other times it just doesn’t hit the mark. If they could get their consistency up, then it’d be among the best NYC style in Denver. As it stands, I think Benny Blancos or Sexy Pizza is best. Surprised for the positive review of Fat Sully. We’ve given it a number of chances and it’s always sucked.


    1. Thanks for the info!

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