Monthly Archives: December 2016

Arinell Pizza—The Snob’s First San Francisco Slice is a Good One

Becoming an empty-nester in life is one thing, but when both of your offspring leave town within a month of each other—that’s tough. Living in Nashville gave me thoughts of writing a country song called “Mama Cries a Lot.” But, having one son, The Philosopher, living in Pittsburgh, and the other, The Kid, living in […]

Nashville’s 312 Pizza Company—The Snob Settles for Some Good Chicago Thin

Lately, Mrs. Pie and The Pizza Snob have spent some Saturdays exploring our ever-expanding Nashville. Sipping some juice in the late afternoon over in the hip Germantown district, I went for broke and suggested we grab a nibble at the nearby 312 Pizza Company. Long on my list of pizza places to visit, its name […]

Pieology – A Major Pizza Disappointment for Downtown Franklin (TN)

The Snob moved to Franklin, TN in 1998. I love it here and plan on not living anywhere else. However, I’ve got a real bone to pick with this town, and it has a lot more to do with than just pizza! Franklin’s downtown has a beautiful square and historic district that is flanked by […]

UPDATE: The Venice in Bayonne N.J. Says it Will Reopen!

After a failed change in ownership that resulted in closing of the Venice Restaurant, there was quite a bit of chatter about a possible reopening. Back in Bayonne for the weekend, my walk down the street revealed the following notice on their door. My sources tell me that this is a different ownership group. And […]

UPDATE: More from Bayonne N.J. – Big Apple Closing but Thin-Crust Pizza to Survive at Location

The pizza news from my ever-changing hometown seems to be never-ending. Following the recent closing doors of Venice and Chris’ Corner came talk that the Big Apple was next. This news was confirmed yesterday by its owners. Bayonne’s surprisingly amazing Mexican Restaurant, El Aquila Dorada, will be moving down Broadway from the corner of 38th […]

UPDATE: Bayonne N.J. Loses Another Bar Pie – Chris’ Corner Closes After 57 Years

Yesterday’s posting about the closing of Venice Restaurant led to the Bayonne Facebook page notifying me of another tragedy—the closing of Chris’ Corner. This is a tough one for The Pizza Snob since theirs was the first pizza I ever tasted while growing up just down the block from this Bayonne landmark. It’s certainly sad […]

UPDATE: The Venice in Bayonne N.J. Has Closed

Like the recent shuttering of Tony’s Pizza, this is another hard hometown hit for the Pizza Snob. After a recent change in ownership, word is that the new folks running the show at the Venice Restaurant just couldn’t make things happen. The permanent closure is confirmed, but unexplained at their Facebook page. There is some […]