UPDATE: Bayonne N.J. Loses Another Bar Pie – Chris’ Corner Closes After 57 Years

chris-corner-outsize-resizeYesterday’s posting about the closing of Venice Restaurant led to the Bayonne Facebook page notifying me of another tragedy—the closing of Chris’ Corner. This is a tough one for The Pizza Snob since theirs was the first pizza I ever tasted while growing up just down the block from this Bayonne landmark.

It’s certainly sad to see our old hometown change as rapidly as it has lately. And with the way Bayonne has been developing, the Chris’ site seems ripe to turn into a residential location.

With the recent fall of Venice, Chris’ and Naples Pizza we have lost three of the cities’ great thin crust bar pies. To my knowledge that leaves The Starting Point, Big Apple and my latest discovery, Kuhl’s Tavern, left to carry the flame. Let’s hope these recipes somehow survive for generations to come.

Here is the message posted yesterday (12/3/16) on the Chris’ Corner Facebook page.

Wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of our patrons, friends and family for your years of giving us business and friendship here at the CC. We regretfully must close after 57 years on that corner. We are heartbroken. There will be a lot of memories from so many wonderful people we have met over the years. We just can’t do it anymore. I needed to tell all of my staff before putting something official on Facebook. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Much love to all. Thanks for the memories.

Original Review: 12/10/13
PIZZA SNOB RATING     *** Better Than Dominos

Chris’ Corner
117 West 2nd Street
[corner of Humphrey Avenue]
Bayonne, NJ 07002



  1. ray hitchell · · Reply

    This is just sad.

  2. apparently apple is done after jan. 1

  3. Don’t know how true it is but I heard Big Apple is selling weather it stays open with new owners the bar pies might not be the same that’s what I heard not sure if true or false if anybody hears let us Bayonne people know

  4. Eric Dzikowski · · Reply

    Bayonne has gone to the crapper. It’s not now, nor will it ever be what it once was before. I will keep the nice memories, but time to wipe that town clean says the “ASSMAN”

  5. What about Cafe Bello’s bar pies or the things crust from mona lisa? Was never a fan of any of the places mentioned in this article and you left out the best bar pie in Bayonne at Cafe bello….

    1. Been to and covered Mona Lisa which I love. Forgot about Café Bello since becoming the Snob – need to revist. Thanks for the reminder – it’s a great place although I don’t recall trying the pizza.

  6. Big Apple is gone after Feb…. Actually The Mexican restaurant is taking over .. That’s an Improvememt….Big Apple was great… Aguila Dorada better….

  7. Big Apple last week is this one. Last day 18th.

  8. Brian Koscielicki · · Reply

    So sad to hear about Chris’s Corner CV losing. My grandmother was a waitress there back in the 70s and I remember always going to see her and getting a pie. I was born in Bayonne and remember alot of things that are no longer there

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