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Grimaldi’s in Miramar Beach Florida—The Snob’s First Outside of Brooklyn

Elsewhere in this blog, you can read The Pizza Snob’s synopsis of the history of legendary-pizzamaker Patsy Grimaldi as well as my review of the current Brooklyn location. While that place still offers an amazing example of coal-fired pizza, in recent years, Grimaldi’s has also created a chain of 50 locations over a dozen states. […]

Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn– Pizza Landmark Lives Up to Its Reputation

Despite all the great pizza places the borough has to offer, when you tell someone you are going for pie in Brooklyn, they assume you are going to Grimaldi’s.  The Snob was long overdue for his maiden visit to the place. Just before Thanksgiving, I was back in town and sought to rectify this situation. […]

There’s Still a Line at Brooklyn’s Grimaldi’s Pizzeria!

Despite the impact of Hurricane Sandy, Brooklyn’s famous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is open today. And as always, there’s a line to get in. Here’s a photo from this afternoon sent by The Kid’s girlfriend Rachel who currently calls Brooklyn home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our family and friends, as well as […]

TOPPINGS – Patsy Grimaldi Soon to Open Juliana’s in Brooklyn

Thanks to two of our good friends, “Pickles” Keith and “Walking Nashville” Bill, for pointing this current New York magazine story in our direction. http://newyork.grubstreet.com/2012/10/pizza-legend-patsy-grimaldi-gets-his-good-name-back.html It’s a great in-depth story about the continuing “Brooklyn Pizza War” and how Patsy is getting ready to re-enter the pizza business in his new place at the site of […]

Ignazio’s Pizza – Why Wait In Brooklyn?

On the latest trip back to the Big Apple, the Snob set his sights on the borough of Brooklyn, and, specifically, the famous Grimaldi’s, a place said to be favored by Frank Sinatra. (Did he really send his private jet from Vegas to bring in pies?) Accompanied by The Kid, his girlfriend, and the Snob’s […]