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DaVinci’s Pizza and Calzones in Knoxville—Dishonoring to the State of New Jersey

For the second weekend in a row, the Pizza Snob somehow found himself in Knoxville. Although this trip came with no specific pizza plans, the inevitable was sure to happen. A late Saturday afternoon stroll with Mrs. Pie through a quiet Old Town led me to a sign that stopped me in my tracks: “New […]

Dazzo’s Pizzeria—Good New York Style Pie in Knoxville

The Philosopher and I still had time to kill before our evening’s concert entertainment in Knoxville. So we left our disappointing pizza experience at The Tomato Head to grab a slice at a place my other son, The Kid, recommended. We were clueless about its actual name and location since The Kid’s full intel was […]

The Tomato Head—Knoxville Restaurant’s Pizza Disappoints

Knoxville, about a three-hour drive east from Nashville on Interstate 40, is a city that The Pizza Snob has seldom visited. Recently, my son, The Philosopher, and I made a trip there to see Elvis Costello at the drop-dead gorgeous historic Tennessee Theatre. This gave me to chance to knock another pizza joint off of […]