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More Midtown Manhattan Pizza Adventures—Previti Pizza

Continuing on my mission to “try and save the world from bad pizza,” I followed up my trip to Little Italy Pizza with a visit to another Midtown joint I located through my IPhone. After making the dumb mistake of heading west when I needed to go east, I eventually found Previti Pizza, another joint […]

Midtown Manhattan Pizza Adventures—The “Not So” World Famous Little Italy Pizza

After a morning business meeting in midtown Manhattan, I became unexpectedly free for lunch. Being the lovely early summer day that it was, I thought I would wander about and continue my mission of “trying to save the world from bad pizza.” The source of my pessimistic sentiment was the fact that this part of […]

Manhattan’s Harry’s Italian—Spectacular Square Slices at 30 Rock

The Pizza Snob has had scant success in finding a decent slice of pizza in Midtown Manhattan. Determined to succeed on my last trip back for a biz meeting, my research uncovered Harry’s Italian which looked like a worthy place for me to try. Having only scoped out the basics of Harry’s location, I was […]