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UPDATE: Nashville’s Music City Pizza Closed But 12th & Porter to Reopen

Original Review: 02/10/14 PIZZA SNOB RATING ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing     The recent announcement that legendary Nashville music venue 12th & Porter would reopen under new ownership made the Pizza Snob finally notice that Music City Pizza had closed back in February 2015 at the same time the music stopped. MCP had spent […]

TOPPINGS – Nashville’s Music City Pizza Offers Vinyl Record Surprises

Now here’s a cool combination of my two favorites loves: pizza and records! In a promotional partnership with Nashville’s United Record Pressing, Music City Pizza (or “MCP”) is offering 1,500 random new delivery customers with a free vinyl record. Read about it in the Nashville Business Journal. P.S. With my luck I’d probably get a […]

Music City Pizza—A Nashville Music Venue Gets a Pizza Facelift: Classy But Not Classic

The crusty old bar and restaurant that once welcomed you into the 12th & Porter music room is no more. It has been replaced by the swanky Music City Pizza. The MCP name and logo now control the face of the music venue located down in the bowels of 12th Avenue North. While the music […]