Benny Tudino’s – Hoboken’s Home of the Largest Slice

The Snob’s alter ego Music City Mike always includes some live shows in his trips to NYC. This trip he and his old music mate Jersey City Charlie paid a visit to the legendary Maxwell’s in Hoboken to see reunited power poppers The dBs. Over dinner, I introduced Charley to my Snob persona, and he got real excited insisting that after the show we go to “Be-ne-ta-di-nos.” Not sure exactly what or where that was, I humbly agreed knowing that a late night snack would be in order.

A stroll down Washington Avenue makes you think you were in lower Manhattan. Arrayed with small local shops, bars, and restaurants, it has the same feel as Greenwich Village. A few blocks from the club, we crossed over at 6th street and there stood Benny Tudino’s proudly boasting “Home of the Largest Slice” on its signage.

Charley had mentioned it was a large slice, but it was not what I had imagined. This wasn’t just a double-wide slice as I had seen before, but a proportionally large slice cut from an over-sized round pie.  Pictured below is the comparison chart posted in their restaurant. Yep folks, this whopper-sized slice is as big as a newborn baby!   One has to question how this comparison was concocted. I could go on with comparisons, but, seriously, our two slices were so big, the pair took up the entire contents of a large pizza box!

The slice was a true bargain at only $3.00, but everyone knows it’s not only size that matters. I was ecstatic at my first bite as to how good Benny’s slice was. It was cooked perfectly with tasty cheese and sauce with a crust that was crispy throughout. These guys knew how to fire up and reheat that jumbo slice nice and toasty without having to be asked. Ah, the things you take for granted when you move away from Pizza Central.  It was flavorfully spiced with a nice extra touch of garlic. I walked back to my car with a smile on my face after eating this one.

Hearing about my miss at Grimaldi’s earlier that same day in Brooklyn, Charlie suggested that next time I was in town we visit their Hoboken location. I must say, however, that will not be until after I pay a return visit to Benny’s.

PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***** Sets the Standard

Benny Tudino’s
622 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030


  1. Arbend Drishti · · Reply

    Hey Mike, I am Benny’s son Arbend, from Benny Tudino’s Pizzeria in Hoboken, New Jersey. We are ecstatic to have received 5 stars from the Pizza Snob and thank you very much for your review. We hope to keep making great pizza for you and all our longtime patrons. Thanks again, and keep eating great pizza!

  2. Thanks – can’t wait to come back!

  3. […] Italian-sounding last names work great as well. So, if you think you are really special, legendary, or about to become so, just use your last name like Grimaldi’s, Lombardi’s, or even your whole name like Hoboken’s Benny Tudino’s. […]

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