UPDATE: Bruno’s Pizza—Florida 30-A Pizza Joint Makes a Move

Brunos Water Sound - outside - RESIZE

Original Review: 10/07/12

PIZZA SNOB RATING   ** Why Did I Waste Those Calories? 

Once again, it is vacation time on the beach for The Pizza Snob!

While checking in on some of the pizza joints I visited before, I came across a jewelry store where Bruno’s Pizza once resided. Thinking they would move to the R.I.P. list, I later came across a flyer at a bicycle shop noting that they moved to a much less visible location at Water Sound Beach.

I wasn’t up for giving Bruno’s a retry, but watch for some future updates from the Florida Panhandle!


NEW PIZZA SNOB RATING  ** Why Did I Waste Those Calories? 

Bruno’s Pizza
6652 East County Highway 30-A
Water Sound Beach, FL 32413


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