Bayonne’s Mario’s Location is Now Lorenzo’s Pizza & Pasta

Lorenzos Pizza - outside - RESIZEIt had been several months since the Mario’s Pizza location on Broadway went dark. Word was that a new joint called Old Fashion Brooklyn Pizza would take its place. Well on my last trip home, a walk by the location revealed that they either abandoned that name or someone else had slipped into the space. Whatever happened, on the spot now sits Lorenzo’s Pizza and Pasta serving up pies and slices along with some other Italian dishes.

I paid Lorenzo’s a visit to learn that they have been open for only four weeks. They were still in grand opening celebratory mode hosting an American flag flanked by two Italian flags on their front curb. It was still early on this Saturday afternoon, and I was the day’s first customer. I got the first cut of the day from a waiting plain cheese slice pie on the counter.

If you recall, Mario’s abandoned his joint offering any prospective new owner the opportunity to take over his existing equipment at the site. Lorenzo’s looks to have taken up Mario up on his offer, possibly garnering his pizza prescription as well. (Lorenzo’s slices seemed quite similar to Mario’s according to the Snob’s senses.) It also was the same small room on the inside, but perhaps white-washed over with a new coat of paint.

Gratuitously, the apparent new owner/operator (Lorenzo, I presume) asked me how I’d like my slice to which I replied “hot and crispy.” Like I said, it came out great matching what I though was a previously fine slice made by Mario.

Lorenzos Pizza - slice - RESIZEIt was served hot, and since it was not overdone with cheese, was quite comfortable to eat. About all I can say about a slice like this is that if you got it anywhere else in the world you would be raving about it. Up here in the Pizza State, standards are a little higher, and I just really couldn’t say that this one went over the top in the flavor department. While nothing was missing, it just didn’t have anything out-of-the-ordinary extra special about it—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Lorenzo’s pizza seems to follow that same local Bayonne formula for a good slice. While it’s nothing you’d want to travel a great distance for, if you want a good-tasting basic New York slice of pizza, it’s there waiting for you! I wish the new owner success.

PIZZA SNOB RATING   **** Near Perfection

Lorenzo’s Pizza and Pasta
330 Broadway (between 15th and 16th Streets) Bayonne, NJ 07002
[no website]


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