NYC’s Highline Pizzeria—A Grease Bomb of a Slice!

Highine Pizzeria - outside - RESIZEI thought my pizza plans were over for the day until I stumbled upon a place I once previously noticed and left unexplored. Accompanying my architecturally-intrigued son, The Kid, we went to see an apartment building designed by the late Iraqi-born British architect Zaha Hadid (520 West 28th). In the midst of viewing this amazing structure, my eyes spotted Highline Pizzeria just across the street at the end of the block. Named for the former elevated train platform that now is an awesome pedestrian walkway, I had previously sighted this place while walking atop the Highline.

I popped into the small room while The Kid did a 360 on the Hadid building and Mrs. Pie sat in the idling car. Even when pressed for time, there is always enough time for a quick slice. I placed my order in the small square room with only five chairs while some takeout activity was underway. Slices were in waiting so I sensed no difficulty with the required promptness of my desired mission. Other than pizza, Highline only offers heroes, salads and wings.

Highine Pizzeria -intside - RESIZEAs I hoped, my plain cheese slice ($2.50) did come quickly, and I took it to the facing wall where I could stand and scarf it at the narrow counter. Picking it up, the top of the very flat and thin slice immediately flopped back on to the plate. Not good. The crust was simply not crisp and sturdy enough to support the mass of cheese and heavy dose of oil on this one. Eating away, I soon dubbed this slice “The Grease Bomb.” It possibly was the oiliest slice of pizza that I have ever encountered.

Highine Pizzeria - slice - RESIZETo put it mildly, this dousing did not make for a pleasant eating experience. With the decent cheese and tomato sauce on the Highline slice, it might not have been that bad with a more normal oil output. Like an old friend used to say, the oil just “overruled.” All things considered, I chalked up Highline as I place I need to not plan a repeat visit.

Just trying to save the world from sub-par pizza.

PIZZA SNOB RATING *** Better Than Dominos
Highline Pizzeria
503 W. 28th Street (near 10th Avenue)
New York, NY 10001
[no website]


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