Britt Café Bakery—Airport Pizza in Costa Rica

Britt - Outside - RESIZEI could just go on forever about how wonderful a vacation spot Costa Rica is. However, this blog is about pizza, so I’ll just say that you should visit there if you can. But as for the subject matter at hand, travelling around an unfamiliar foreign country isn’t easy, so I was quite happy to get in at least one legit pizza stop courtesy of Mama Mia Pizzeria. And totally unexpectedly, I managed to stumble into another opportunity at the airport with Mrs. Pie on our way home.

In addition to my loves for pizza and music, I’d probably put coffee down as my number three fave thing to enjoy, and the coffee in CR was just fabulous! Our hotel was of course my main source for java and the brand in play was Britt. Each and every morning, I couldn’t wait to wake up and go to the dining room to grab a cup, and the normally tree-drinking Mrs. Pie was often right behind me. The name Britt seemed to be everywhere, and in our final consumer moment in CR, we bought some beans to take home from the airport Britt shop. And when we looked through the limited lunch options before we took off, the Britt Café Bakery across the way seemed like our best choice.

Britt - counter - RESIZEBritt - inside - RESIZEEating pizza there however would break two of my Snob rules: don’t eat pizza at a place that doesn’t specialize in it and absolutely never eat it at the airport. However, seeing four different styles of long rectangular slabs of cold Margherita-style pizza in Britt’s glass display counter brought a smile to my face for two reasons. Not only would I get a chance to post another pizza entry from a foreign country, but I saw a possible connection to the somewhat unique slice I had at Mama Mia a few days prior. What I noticed was that the Britt pizza also had just a scant pasting of tomato sauce and the unusual addition of tomato slices.

My lengthy slab was served in a size-to-fit pizza box and cut it into six tiny squares, leaving each with its own slice of tomato. Of course, my drink of choice was a tasty Britt iced coffee. As for the pizza, I surprisingly can say it was quite tasty, and those untraditional fresh sliced tomatoes led the charge. What was funny was that Mrs. Pie had a caprese sandwich which bore an uncanny similarity with what I was eating. They both had basically the same ingredients except hers had some basil leaves and wasn’t toasted like mine.

Britt - pizza - RESIZEMine was an enjoyable snack indeed, but a far cry from being called pizza in my purist sense. The main culprit of this being how un-crisp, soft and pliable it was, which is what happens when you warm up “pizza” in a microwave. Regardless, it was good and chewy but more akin to eating a toasted bread sandwich. While I liked the taste of the cheese, I don’t believe it was Mozzarella and really couldn’t put a finger on what it exactly was. It did however produce a bit more than your usual amount of oil.

In the end, I ate it all and even scooped up the run-off cheese on the bottom of the box. I’m sure gonna miss Costa Rica, and our lunch at Britt was delightful, although it’s not something for a pizza purist to write about. Unless of course he just wants to!

PIZZA SNOB RATING *** Better Than Dominos
Britt Café Bakery
Liberia Airport
Guanacaste Liberia, 50101, Costa Rica
506 2277 1600


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