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Tommy’s Pizza—An Ugly-Looking Slice in Columbus, Ohio

Music City Mike was in Columbus to see his fave live musical act, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, at the Schottenstein Center on the Ohio State campus. Pre-show I camped out at a nearby Starbucks on Lane Avenue to clear out my e-mail box and write about pizza. Lo and behold across the […]

Columbus, Ohio’s Rubino’s Pizzeria—Charming and Better Chicago-Thin than Donato’s

On an early spring work-related trip to Columbus, I landed in town just in time for a late lunch. It would be pizza of course, and I tracked down a new joint not too far from the airport. Heading southeast into the Columbus suburb of Bexley, I made my way towards Rubino’s Pizzeria. Not that […]

Columbus, Ohio’s A Slice of New York—Tasty Campus Pizzeria in Transition

Coming back to Columbus for work duties, I continued my assault on the capital of the Buckeye State. I thought, why not look in the Ohio State campus area? You would think that out of 65,000 students, there would enough who refused to settle for chain pizza and instead support an indie. Scoping things out, […]

Searching for Pie in Columbus, Ohio – Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza

There was a time in the Snob’s real job where his co-workers called him the “Traveling Treasurer.” However, in these days of e-mail, internet and pricy airfares, my business travel has certainly been reduced. (Oh, the adventures the Snob could have had!) Fortunately, duty recently called, and I made a last minute trip to Columbus, […]