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Bella Napoli Pizzeria—The Best Neapolitan in Nashville!

The original premise of this blog was to document my devotion to thin crisp New York-style pizza. Now, after several enjoyable experiences with the definitely-not-crisp Neapolitan style, the question needs to be asked: “Is the Pizza Snob softening up?” During the cold busy months of winter, I was working more than I liked, and had […]

Nicky’s Coal Fired – Tasty Coal-Cooked Pizza Comes to the Nations in Nashville

When the Pizza Snob moved to Nashville back in 1998, the launch of a new restaurant was a big deal. If something new and interesting got added to what otherwise might have back then been considered slim pickings, Mrs. Pie and I usually planned a visit right away. Today, in booming Nashville, eating places pop […]

Nashville’s 312 Pizza Company—The Snob Settles for Some Good Chicago Thin

Lately, Mrs. Pie and The Pizza Snob have spent some Saturdays exploring our ever-expanding Nashville. Sipping some juice in the late afternoon over in the hip Germantown district, I went for broke and suggested we grab a nibble at the nearby 312 Pizza Company. Long on my list of pizza places to visit, its name […]

UPDATE: Neapolitan-Certified Pizza-Maker Porta Via Shutters Franklin, TN Location

Original Review: 11/28/15 PIZZA SNOB RATING **** 1/2 Nearer Perfection Mrs. Pie and I saw this sad news a few weeks ago when we tried to make a gelato stop at Franklin’s Porta Via Italian Kitchen. Closed! According to the sign, the Nashville location on White Bridge Road will remain, albeit with a “brand redevelopment […]

UPDATE: Nashville’s Music City Pizza Closed But 12th & Porter to Reopen

Original Review: 02/10/14 PIZZA SNOB RATING ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing     The recent announcement that legendary Nashville music venue 12th & Porter would reopen under new ownership made the Pizza Snob finally notice that Music City Pizza had closed back in February 2015 at the same time the music stopped. MCP had spent […]

Downtown Nashville’s Luigi’s City Pizza—Another New Disappointing Slice

So much has happened here in Music City since January 2013 when the New York Times called us America’s new “it” city. For one, there has been the flurry of new but disappointing pizza joints. Following on the heels of Music City Pizza and Al Taglio is Luigi’s City Pizza which recently opened downtown on […]

Music City Pizza—A Nashville Music Venue Gets a Pizza Facelift: Classy But Not Classic

The crusty old bar and restaurant that once welcomed you into the 12th & Porter music room is no more. It has been replaced by the swanky Music City Pizza. The MCP name and logo now control the face of the music venue located down in the bowels of 12th Avenue North. While the music […]

Coco’s Italian Market—Pizza and Everything Italian on Nashville’s West Side

On a recent Saturday afternoon, Ms. Pie and I found ourselves on the west side of Nashville. After finishing our business and trying to find the I-40 entrance ramp, we stumbled upon Coco’s Italian Market. Neither of us had ever been there before, but I had seen their bathroom adverts around town. I was intrigued […]

Two Boots Pizzeria – Nashville Welcomes Colorful Chain’s Incredible Pizza to Town

Two Boots Pizzeria’s name represents the geographical shapes of both Italy and Louisiana, a tribute to the founders’ love for both pizza and New Orleans. Two Boots Pizzeria Nashville is located on the triangle where 21st splits into Broadway and Division. They reside in a colorfully refurbished building previously occupied by The Great Escape, one […]

R.I.P.—Nashville’s DaVinci’s Gourmet Pizza

It embarrasses the Snob to admit that there was a time in his life when he was not involved in serious pizza eating.  This period of lost opportunity existed during my vegan years when my family and I stopped eating all meat and dairy. The dairy part eventually came to an end when I realized […]