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Panama City Beach’s Bubba’s Pizza—Who Woulda Thought?

During last month’s COVID getaway to the Florida Panhandle, while driving back to 30A from a day trip to Panama City Beach, I spotted a pizza joint with a name that made it a place I just had to visit. I guess that this being the South, there had to be at least one Bubba’s […]

New York Pizza & Grill—Pizza in PCB

Desperately needing another pandemic break, Mrs. Pie and I took the chance on a November trip to the beach. Again, visiting our beloved 30A on the Florida Gulf Coast, we were truly blessed with a beautiful week with the weather forecasters being about as wrong as they possibly could be. This time though we stayed […]

Panama Pizzeria—The Death of a Slice in Panama City Beach

During our annual beach vacation in the beautiful Florida Panhandle, Mrs. Pie had a need to go to the mall. Since we were staying on the east end of 30A, that meant we would take a trip over to the mega Pier Park outdoor shopping center in Panama City Beach. On the drive over I […]