Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza—A Quick Slice with Free Parking in Midtown Atlanta

Vinnys NY Pie - outside - RESIZEWhen I planned to test-drive some new pizza joints on my annual summer visit to ATL, I expected to encounter the usual local hurdles of traffic and parking. This year was no different, and the mad Friday afternoon congestion limited me to only a single stop. But imagine my surprise when I found free fifteen-minute parking in Midtown—right in front of Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza on 7th Street.

Vinny’s has the look and feel of a New York joint and offers the usual fare of pizza, calzones and salads. A chair-lined counter overlooks the oven and runs the full length of the room across from a large area of small tables. I ordered a PCS (“plain cheese slice”) at the counter for $2.50. After a short wait on this beautiful day, I decided to take my quickly reheated slice to one of their outside tables.

Vinnys NY Pie - inside - RESIZEDespite my slice looking classically constructed and crisply cooked, it proved to be a challenge to eat. It was served way too hot and carried a bit too much cheese. I struggled to limit the burn damage to the roof of my mouth while I tried unsuccessfully to keep the cheese from slipping off the crust. Pizza just shouldn’t be this hard to eat.

Although the bottom crust had a good char to it, the middle of the slice was mushy. I was also surprised that the end crust was fluffy inside rather than crisp and crunchy. Overall Vinny’s ingredients were up to par although here was no real sparkle to the rather flat-tasting Mozzarella They also serve their slice naked leaving you with a full selection of condiments available for self-seasoning.

Vinnys NY Pie - slice - RESIZEDespite these shortcomings, Vinny’s slice was tasty and I’d call it a decent attempt at making a classic NY slice. Looking back, I do laugh at their boast that their slice was “the kind you can fold up and take to go.” If so, why did they give me a plastic knife and fork with my slice? And although I am reluctant to ever be seen using utensils with my pizza, that fork sure did come in handy when my cheese fell off!

I am sure that Vinny’s gets great traffic at this roomy and convenient location. However, the construction flaws and underwhelming taste of their slice won’t keep me away from the reigning best New York-style pizza in ATL at Fellini’s. But I guess that Vinny’s is not too bad if you are in Midtown looking for a quick slice.

PIZZA SNOB RATING     *** ½ Working on a Good Thing

Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza
860 Peachtree St. NE (at 7th Street)
Atlanta, GA 30308


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