One Last Pizza in Rome, Italy—Trastevere’s Pizzeria Ai Marmi is Magnifico!

RESIZE 1Having finished our stay in Florence, Mrs. Pie and I had one night left in Rome before we headed back to America. Staying at a different Airbnb on this return visit to the Trastevere district, we excitedly discovered that it was just around the corner from Pizzeria Ai Marmi. This famous pizza joint that was recommended by an American friend who once lived here, had eluded us earlier in the week when we flat out just couldn’t find it.

Pizzeria Ai Marmi is only open in the evening. After seeing its darkened shuttered storefronts during daylight, it was an eye-opening surprise to see it alive with excitement when we arrived shortly after their 7pm opening. The outdoor seating along the sidewalk was just about full, and there was already scant space available in the main dining room. A greeter led us through the big room to a table in the smaller adjacent room. On the way, we spotted some serious pizza-making activity around the big open oven area. The front of their menu their oven as “antico forno a legna” which translates to “old wood stove.”

RESIZE 2This brightly-lit pizza-centric place was alive indeed. Seeing all of this activity, I knew that we would be in for something special. But, again like we have seen here before in Rome, there was a serious understaffing of waitpersons to handle such a busy place.

Studying the menu, I became extra excited after learning that this would not be a Neapolitan pie, but a crisp thin-crusted Roman. This is a style way more to the Snob’s liking: a NY Pie in training! It was also strange to find that in addition to pizza, the menu had some fried items and bean dishes, but no pasta whatsoever.

RESIZE 3We ordered a Margherita for €6.80, the most expensive of our trip, although it turned out to be bigger than the others. As busy as things were, unsurprisingly, it took some wait before our pie arrived. Unlike our other Roman-style experience at Virgilio, Al Marmi served their Roman pie uncut with a knife and fork. This crispy delight was folding material, and the Snob got right to business slicing this one up into fourths. Feeling like she was back home in the States, Mrs. Pie was right at home with the bowl of pepperoncini they brought her to sprinkle and season-up her slices.

RESIZE 4This pizza was thin, crisp and oily, but most of all, absolutely delicious! The combination of it all was amazing. The blackened charred bottom crust delightfully made this a pizza that cracked when folded—just my kind!

RESIZE 5If I ever go back, next time I will order those fried rice balls on the menu that I saw everyone else eating. Why we passed on those I’ll never know. And if you ever got to Rome, make Pizzeria Ai Marmi your #1 choice for pizza. This is the real deal as far as Roman-style goes. I can honestly can say that this was the best pizza of our entire trip to Italy. We really saved the best for last. No wonder this place is so popular!


PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***** Sets the Standard

Pizzeria Ai Marmi
Viale Trastevere, 53=59
00153 Roma, ITALY
[no website]



  1. I’ve enjoyed your reviews from Italy a great deal. I hope to try these pkace one day. A correction, however…I believe this place is called Ai Marmi, not Al Marmi. Good job!

  2. Thanks Dave–those i’s and l’s can be confusing! I’ll make the fix. Thanks for your support.

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